Why we make mistakes

Why we make mistakes
 People getting married, want him to get the most: live happily, have a good and healthy children, to understand each other, to set overall objectives for future resolution. But life is not all so perfect. To err is human, the main thing to notice their mistakes and try to correct them.

What is wrong young when brought in family relationships? Let's start with women.

The first mistake made by women in relation to men - is the mother custody and care. Helping in everything to her husband, the wife condemns himself to the fact that her husband will get used to such behavior. He will know that you can fine without him cope with the request that he should perform. Did not allow a man to cope with the task in front of him - it means to undermine his sense of manhood. Let your husband is not exactly fulfill your request, but he would do it himself.

Any man thinks that he is the head of the family, so he knows how to solve problems. In practice looks different. When his wife is trying to hold the answer to resolve the issue, the man received information information hostility. And for good reason. After all, sometimes a woman can give solid advice.

When a woman tries for her husband and children, she often refuses to their hobbies and favorite activities, thereby sacrificing himself. Of course, the actions of his wife in this matter is very commendable, it is nice when a woman comes with the responsibility to love and care for their loved ones. But in any case, we should not forget about his beloved. Otherwise it will accumulate irritation and discontent, which often undermines good relations in the family.

Men mistakenly believe that a woman should be the guardian of the hearth and to shoulder all the household duties themselves. Gone are the days when men were the sole breadwinners of the family. Currently, women in many workflows are not inferior to the stronger sex. Then why not share the household chores in half?

Of course, a successful marriage mutual understanding is not the last place in the life of the spouses. In order to achieve it, you need to listen to each other and to find compromises.

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