Why can not I: Problems with envy

Why can not I: Problems with envy
 It is known that envy - one of the most negative and destructive feelings, especially if it is manifested in love. But how difficult it is to avoid this unfortunate and painful sensations as if the beloved opted for another.

And then unrequited love, betrayal, disappointment - all these feelings mean nothing compared to the raging waves of envy for the happy rival. And, despite the fact that by and large accuse this woman more successful than not, all the anger and hatred rejected passion falls exactly on her innocent head. Alas, in this terrible and pervasive sense of dying, especially the one that it is experiencing, and only her soul suffers from its own surge of negative emotions.

Quite naturally, the main question that occupies the thoughts rejected by women - is the question "why? ". Why did not her eyes facing a loved one, why she did not get a welcome happiness, and why she had to feel myself so treacherous male behavior. But it is also natural that these questions remain unanswered, because we primarily tend to blame others for their failures, rather than look for reasons in themselves. After all, although modern men and is considered to be quite windy and sometimes treacherous, their actions and decisive action mostly have a serious and reasonable basis.

Perhaps only after the time when the pain subsides loss, and feelings will find its former clarity, the picture of past failures appear more real and objective light, and then a calm analysis of the events will be able to answer some of these complex and pressing issues. But until the pain is strong resentment and oppressive feeling of envy to rival unquenchable flame burns, it is hardly possible sober understanding of the situation and possible own mistakes. And the only thing in this case will help women experiencing mental suffering, it is kind and considerate to let time heal her wound to the soul peace and faith in the best. After all, time heals not only the trauma, but also clears the mind from evil thoughts and anxiety, it is invariably accompanied by an unfortunate feeling of envy.

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