Selfishness as a virtue

Selfishness as a virtue
 It is not customary to speak of the love of self, but, despite this, most magazines littered with practical tips that you must love yourself in order to be most happy. Of course, it is impossible to argue but, unfortunately, no one writes about how to bring up a kind of feeling.

Great to be a man who cares about others than about himself, but agree, and we do deserve attention, no less.

Do not forget that love successful and beautiful people much easier. Try even with yourself look good and be on the ball, even when you do not plan to leave the house. Remember that your appearance in the first place should be happy, but not depressing especially for you. In this case, you will be pleased with themselves in general and it becomes easier to accept their shortcomings.

Try to achieve success in all their affairs. This is a straight road to a successful, rich, better life. Be smarter and more interesting, constantly learn for yourself something new, read, study and travel, feel free to handle the new business. Never stay in the inactive position, and then you start getting good results from their lifestyle.

Agree with you. When you understand in itself something that you do not particularly like it just at the moment when you make a mistake, you understand for yourself that it's okay. Ideal people do not exist, each of us is doing things for which then repents. Recognize that were wrong and try to rectify the situation.

Be sure to congratulate yourself for all your accomplishments and all the things that truly deserves your praise. Like a lot of things in life. Praise yourself for little things, do it with enthusiasm. Celebrate good complexion and successfully bought the thing finished project and courage when visiting the dentist.

You are the closest person for yourself, treat yourself accordingly.

You must love yourself, and yet it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. People often reproached myself too much and thus severely punished his identity.

Remember, you - the strictest judge their behavior. Every woman - is a unique personality, in which a lot of good qualities, and therefore it has the right to love itself!

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