Secrets of Time Management

Secrets of Time Management
 Sometimes life is an endless list of urgent matters. It seems that 24 hours a day is not enough to have time to deal with operational issues, household chores and to pay attention to a close. Keep up always and everywhere to help time management - the art of time management.

Chief assistant becomes diary through which do not need to keep in mind about the important events, appointments and tasks. The main thing - to make every night to schedule the next day. At the same time, leave about 40% of their time dealing with unplanned issues, otherwise the risk instead of productive work to get the stress and dissatisfaction with the result.

The order on the table - the procedure in my head. The need to get the right things from the pile of papers and folders on the table a negative impact on the speed and productivity. Place your order by defining for every little place and unnecessary send in the trash.

Going to a meeting, a specialist or an agency, be sure to call first and find out the scheduling of appointments and hours of operation. Thus save yourself from wasting time, tedious waiting at the door cabinet and large queues.

If too often distracted by it to check email or incoming messages in social networks, turn off the Internet until then, until you have completed the planned business. If access is required for operation, block sites that take valuable time.

Prepare in advance for telephone calls: write a list of questions and theses that are going to discuss, put a number of necessary documents. Try not to make important calls at the beginning of the working day and at the end, this time run the risk of not finding a person on the spot.

In order not to waste time, again and again trying to get through to the number you want, leave a message on the answering machine asking to call back. Be sure to include the name, title and the name of the organization that represents.

Start the day with a "frog". The word in time management represent a small, but not very nice things to which never reach the hands. Several "frogs" are not made on time, can lead to a rush jobs. So every day, choose one unpleasant thing and do immediately, without delay. This will set the rhythm of the workflow.

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