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 Very often, people are turning to the therapist that the escape from the consequences of their behavior or reckless behavior. But the consequences - it is not the reason. Chances are good that if people do not change their behavior, the situation happen again. Search the support-confidence and determination to change and prevent this - this is something that can make really effective psychotherapy.

Why do people turn to a therapist? Of course, in order to help them. People have difficulty in solving their problems on their own and need professional help. Psychotherapists, in turn, consider themselves to those who are able to help the patient to solve his problem.

And here lies the root of the problem. Indeed, the patient experiences a great deal of trouble in his life, and the therapist helps to straighten things out and get back to normal life. But what caused this situation? All people have tried and tested patterns of behavior. If you have encountered in your life with the situation with which the therapist helps you understand now, that is a reason to think. Psychotherapy in this case, probably helped to solve only the consequences of the problem, and the problem itself as it was, and remained.

When the situation is critical, in my head spins one question: "Why is this happening to me? ". This question a person can be repeated indefinitely, not one iota closer to no answer, nor to the problem. The therapist also can eliminate the very reason to ask any questions. The patient requires to help him, and the therapist does. But development does not occur. Man remains in its present state. He continues to experience the same difficulties and the therapist once again helps him get out of the crisis.

In fact, no one is so helpless as he sometimes appears to others. Excluding extremely rare cases, people are always in a position to at least try to think about their problems and fix them yourself. When people say they can not let their problems, it may mean simply: "I do not want. It's too risky. " But if you can handle yourself, then ask for help therapist or others - it means to sacrifice their autonomy means to believe in his helplessness, and as a result, buy it.

Search support in itself - is to realize their own problems, and not just to understand and begin to correct them, without relying on external support. The therapist can help in this by giving the path, but therapy should not only consist in eliminating the consequences. It's the same thing as an antipyretic to drink instead of antibiotics for serious viral infection. Antipyretic, maybe it will bring down the temperature, but that cleared up viruses will not rest, but on the contrary, only strengthen their destructive activities.

The goal of therapy is not to find out what is wrong with you, and to change your behavior in order to avoid a repeat of the situation in the future. You can understand the need for this and find the strength to change. Otherwise, everything will go on for years, remaining at the same level.

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