Postotpusknoy depression

Postotpusknoy depression
 Not so long ago, not only abroad, but also in our country, many have to deal with a phenomenon that psychologists define as "postotpusknoy depression." Prior to the holiday we live in a certain rhythm streamlined with a clear mode and order of the day. Leaving the same at rest, especially when leaving abroad, people moving away from it all - he can afford to relax, to do what she pleased, to behave the way you want. Someone admires the beauty of a country, someone gets pleasure from holiday romance - in short, all the way, all happy and cheerful.

But here comes to an end this long-awaited vacation, and go to work does not want to, no, no, yes and sneak up the dull mood of anticipation that all good finishes.

To postotpusknoy depression did not catch you by surprise, this period should be carefully prepared.

First, determine for themselves how many days you can take a vacation, that after he did not suffer and not to fall into apathy. As you know, the official position of the labor legislation leave is 28 calendar days. However, as psychologists say, the more you relax, the more difficult it will then merge back into work. But less than a week to leave the workplace is not necessary, then your body simply does not have time to rest. It is desirable to break vacation for two to two weeks.

The following are in order and things at work, and an apartment. It is much nicer to return to clean accommodation and is not loaded desktop. Another issue that plagues returning from vacation - where to get the money until the next paycheck? Try not to spend all the money, leave for the first time after the holidays!

You can also podgadat time to work, to the first working day fell in the middle of the week. Then do not have time to look back, and already the weekend - albeit small, but the respite. Do not forget to adjust themselves to the fact that it's just a vacation, that sooner or later it's over, and you have to go to work.

Well, coming out of the holidays, do not forget to meet with friends with whom you can share your experiences and emotions, obtained in poezdke.Eto so to speak, the residual effects of time spent well. They will help you integrate more smoothly in violation holiday schedule. And give yourself a pleasant: women can organize themselves shopping, men go to football. Then return from holiday to take place weekdays less noticeable.

Do not forget: vacation - it's good, but after that life in all its manifestations is beautiful and amazing.

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