Low self-esteem: proposals for action

Low self-esteem: proposals for action
 Low self-esteem affects the quality of life, preventing him live, work, develop relationships and enjoy every day. Low self-esteem is rooted in childhood. Although it achieved an adequate level pretty hard, doing some simple exercises you can raise self-esteem.  

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Someone knows how to do something better than you, and someone - is worse, someone has something more, someone - less than you. Just accept yourself for who you are and enjoy your life, developing the necessary skills you need. In addition, constantly compare yourself with others just scared - you immediately raises six billion rivals.

Write on any items that you use regularly, kind words addressed to him. This can be a purse or a comb. Let this be the inscription "I love and accept myself." Read it every time you pick up this item. Repeat it to yourself. Let this phrase will always be with you.

Take compliments. Thank the person who has told you pleasant. In any case it is not necessary to say "no, you, you thought," "Yes, like I look today as usual", "this is my accident happened, this is not my merit." Such phrases you reject a compliment, as if saying to yourself that you are not worthy of praise.

Do not look negative television programs or read the criminal chronicle. Diversify your leisure time listening to music and reading a positive good, interesting and good books. Also, try to communicate with the self-confident people who are able to understand and support you.

Make a list of their achievements and regularly reread it. Record all there, even if it seems you do not achieve too important. Let there be obtaining a driving license, winning the school competition, the ability to roller skate. Often remember the pleasant feelings that you have experienced, having achieved this victory.

Try to help people and do what you like. It's hard to respect yourself, spending life on the hated work, even if it brings you good income. And helping others, you will feel strong and indispensable.

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