Is it scary woman's place

Is it scary woman's place
 By nature, women are quite vengeful creatures. This does not mean that all persons of a female suit global infamy, evil scheming or bloody scenes. Most women have something that may at any moment to push for revenge. This happens in the most unexpected moment and in the most extraordinary way.  
 Men revenge immediately and forcefully, but women can do it over the years and so easily and quickly, and that it is impossible to guess. Most also vindictive girls waiting for years and try to discover the right time, in the end find him and beat on the most painful weaknesses.

Women's revenge on men differ in principle, as it is more consistent and logical. For mstitelnitsy does not matter whether the punishment commensurate with the past actions of the offender. Man cheated, tired or changed? Sooner or later it will wait for the moment when you can well "aim" and deprive the offender of all the most expensive: reputation, purse, family and freedom. After everyone is finished, and it will lie at the feet and beg for mercy, lady just step over it and go on.

However, not all women are so vindictive, there are those who are simply "spit" in the back and forget about it. And even if in the future will turn up a successful opportunity to recall that this man did once and revenge - they will not do it because they believe such actions are primitive and unworthy. They do not want to sharpen its focus on the person who did somehow hurt. They just forgot about it and passed. But now his hand is not never served.

Psychological studies show that a man can raise a hand against a woman in the case, if there is a loss of control, but women are prudent and cold-blooded. They carefully choose the thing that you can throw in a partner, and under no circumstances do not take advantage of a vase or utensils that are dear to them. In addition, women carefully selected part of the face or body that would hurt. In some cases, make it so that one could see in others so that was very painful. The problem is that women are much more vindictive men.
So, before you hurt the fair sex, should think twice, because the Earth is round, and sooner or later the woman turned up the opportunity to "fix" the situation.

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