How to recognize a blackmailer

How to recognize a blackmailer
 Blackmail - it's unseemly acts committed for intimidation to achieve some benefits. As a rule, in real life, we often encounter this kind of blackmail as emotional blackmail. Native people are to each other in a situation where one of them is manipulating others, threatening to cause trouble or pain.

Emotional blackmailers can be divided into four types.

"Torturers" firmly and forcefully put requirements, and usually their threats aimed at speeding up the process of surrender. The torturer can loudly indignant, can aggressively silent, but the goal of all behavior - an attempt to crush resistance in the bud. Basic phrases, which operates the torturer, are: "If you will not listen, then regret it. I warned you, "" Something's not like it - the door is open! ".

Contact blackmail scheme in the so-called "victims". They manipulate people by threats to do something with them. If they do not concede, "victim" throw the words: "I will throw out the window if you go", "You should go back to seven. My heart is sore, I will survive "," What are you doing to me hurt so much? ".

There are also types of blackmailers "martyrs." Such people prefer any words and actions to turn, creating others guilt and pity. And sooner or later, "sufferers" lead to the conclusion that only they can provide what you need. Manipulated, as a rule, as follows: "I wanted the best for you, for us. But if you think only of yourself, I will not argue with you. "

And the most common type of manipulation - blackmail "crafty." They prefer to check their loved ones most sophisticated ways, arrange examinations and explain this by saying that they are ready to give the best return. The main methods of pressure "evil" are the words: "If you love me so much, I'll do it", "do not break, be mature and modern woman. Do not be afraid, we both will be fine. "

Whatever goals or guided manipulators and no matter how much they may be convinced, their desire remains the same - to defeat and subjugate any cost. Blackmailers do not care about the desire or need for other people, so you should be very careful when dealing with them, and in any case not to give in to their pressure.

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