Emancipation - not a crime, but is there any benefit?

Emancipation - not a crime, but is there any benefit?
 The term "emancipation" - this independence, liberation from the oppression of some, the pressure of prejudice. One of the basic principles of emancipation is the pursuit of equality, recognition of the freedom in the choice of religion, freedom of political views.

Most often, the term is applied to the fairer sex, but for the first time the concept of emancipation was interpreted as "release of his son from his father's power." In the modern sense of the term refers only exemptions from any dependence. Its display is equal emancipation of family and labor relations in both women and men.

Is there really benefit from emancipation? Sure, there are. Striving for equality, many women show themselves as being of the individual. They achieve career, earn a decent wage, learn to drive a car, hold leadership positions. It is also believed that the emancipation of doing more liberated family relationships. Although full equality in relations to achieve quarry still failed. On average, women's wages still lower than men's. A plus is that women can dispose of these funds as they see fit, not counting the front men for every ruble spent.

Many men this situation even happy. They no longer need to plan their family budget itself, perform calculations on the accounts, filing your tax return. Psychologists believe that this situation contributes to the formation of strong family relationships.

But there are also disadvantages. There is an opinion that it was the emancipation of women leads to an increase in the divorce rate, female cruelty and brutality, reduced fertility.

Perhaps most importantly, it's not corny it sounds, a woman in any situation has always been a woman. That is kind, sympathetic, understanding and loving. With such qualities, women will always be perceived by men as equals.

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