Coznanie and unconscious in our lives

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 Mental life is so rich, that consciousness is not able to exhaust all of its potential. In parallel with the consciousness of the human mind holds a "mystery" of the unconscious.

In the world of psychology and philosophical traditions of mankind existence of the above levels of the human psyche is recognized by most experts. In our country, 20-50 years of the last century were marked as a rejection of the notion of the unconscious and imposing on him the status of "anathema". This was due to a combination of the concept of the unconscious with an idealistic outlook that in Soviet Russia denied. However, with the 60 years of the twentieth century began its march substantial rehabilitation process of this concept and as a result, in-depth study of the unconscious as a phenomenon.

Unconscious - a set of combination of mental states, specific events and unusual actions that "place" beyond the control of the human mind that can not be unaccountable and control of the human mind (at the moment).

Dreams, the phenomena of somnambulism, hypnosis, insanity - are manifestations of the unconscious. Everything that is not currently in the consciousness of the individual concentration of focus, but has the ability to join in consciousness with the help of memory, do not relate to the unconscious.

For example, in the past a significant amount of information has been received individual, but it is not given to him at every moment of the direct operation of consciousness. Such information will receive the power to influence human behavior, provided the transmission through the level of consciousness.

Scope of the "secret" of the unconscious combines instincts from which homo sapiens as a biological nature is not free. It is known that the instincts generate the individual desires, impulses of will, emotions, subconscious nature that have all chances to subsequently fall within the scope of consciousness.

It is a mistake to deny the important role of food and sexual instincts in human mental and daily-conscious life. Automatism and intuition, as a rule, are emerging consciousness, but subsequently immersed in the unconscious sphere of the human psyche.

Automatism - a complex action of human behavior. Initially, they are under the full control of the human mind. As a result, long-term training and repetition they become unconscious essence. In this case, they are completely out from under direct conscious control. This sport swimming, playing musical instruments, cycling, specific process a certain type of work. Such automatisms accompany human life.

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