As not to seem "blonde"?

As not to seem "blonde"?
 The word "blonde" was already a household name among the people. Most often it characterizes as a bearer of light hair is not particularly smart enough, not very advanced in terms of intelligence and some frivolous. Personally, I do not think so, but those who want to give the impression of an intelligent man can be interesting some advice.

All time Enrich your vocabulary. Let these new words will be non-standard, great if you start collecting aphorisms and from time to time to insert them into the conversation. Replace the word of their synonyms. Thus, your speech will be more diverse and sophisticated, and you will make the reader, educated person.

If you need to gain a reputation as a "smart" when meeting an important person for you to remember that you will first be assessed visually, then switch to your voice, and then pay attention to what you are saying. Therefore, going to a meeting, from which depends a lot, try to look stylish, no-nonsense, move and gesticulate calmly say solid, confident voice. Of course, over the content of your intended conversation also need to work on.

Choosing a color scheme of his attire stop on a gray, lilac and purple. These colors are considered elegant and are associated with intelligent man. The costume can be supplemented by matching accessories. For example, the glasses. Even if you have perfect vision, you can order a elegant glasses with zero lenses.

If during the conversation flow of your thoughts dried up - ask questions. Try to keep these issues involves not monosyllabic answer "yes-no" and demanded substantial and detailed answer. Thus, you get a reputation for interest, and therefore, intellectual man.

During the conversation from time to time saying: "I understand." Your caller will accept this expression on a subconscious level, and it will consist of you as an impression of intelligent man. You understand - so you think.

Before the beginning of the phrase - exhale. Timbre exhale voice sounds more confident, respectively, and you yourself will look more confident and solid.

During a call, behave calmly, without fiddling with objects, do not fuss, do not take "closed" posture - it will give your excitement. Remember the above tips - and everything will be fine!

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