Valuable time. How not to spend it foolishly

Valuable time. How not to spend it foolishly
 Daily activities, plans for the future - how much needs to be done, and you do not have time! Often you laments the fact that not enough time. You close your eyes and realize that, despite the endless running around, really did not have time to do.

Recognizes that, in most cases, you tend to blame everything on the external causes to understand and appreciate. How not to waste time misspent?


Each of you can get out of any situation and act as required by different situations. That is, when the goal is clear, the problem is defined, the case is only for you. You can easily get bogged down in everyday life, to find yourself in a mess. He is crafty, deal with it, you can only by self-organization. Organized people brought all their affairs to the end. They correctly apply time time to achieve their goals. To not to waste your time misspent, remember and use some of the rules.

Do not waste energy in vain

You used to solve other people's problems? You are constantly asked to help and pulled. You do not feel from this great happiness, and your fatigue makes itself felt.

What to do?

1. Think about that depends on you personally and should be done immediately. All that does not require your intervention, you can appoint another person. The job should be clearly articulated and addressed it to someone who will do it.

2. Do not be distracted. The main problem of thinking women - an inability to concentrate. Thus, to solve easy problems take a long time.

3. Do not waste your time with people who you just a burden. If you communicate with the person uncomfortable, then realize it. Give up, but without offending.

Distribute time

You are very tired? You do not understand, why are tired. Chaos took up.

What to do?

1. Plan your business.

2. Do not delay urgent business. Then follow the current tasks that are scheduled for a specific time. Small things are good to quickly switch.

3. Do not take a long one and the same activity: tire quickly. If you decide cases according to plan, they will not seem so unaffordable.

4. Do not forget to rest. Time to those who know how to relax.

Meditate in a businesslike

You - a woman, and therefore think in a special way, than a man. At work, your thoughts are not collected in one pile.
What to do?

1. Take your time and do not be nervous. Get up earlier to allow time for a lesson. You get a positive attitude, and no one can confuse you.

2. Start working from the first hours of its activities, to enter the desired rhythm.

3. Write notes and events to be executed or remember. Organizer - is not the only method of planning the day. Take advantage of your computer, and it will remind you of your affairs within the specified time. Respond immediately to business messages without delay. All this teaching organization.

4. realize their needs and reject everything that hurts you. You need to: perform all scheduled tasks, sleep and do manual labor.

These are your main priorities. And it is not necessary: ​​to perform some kind of someone else's work, to torture yourself an impossible task. Thus, take care of yourself, you will see unfold your inner reserves.

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