School female happiness

School female happiness
 Happiness - the notion of a complex and rather loose. It can give any detail, and perhaps the whole world is not enough to feel satisfied person. Woman's happiness - a multi-faceted thing and kind of like the woman herself. And to catch the bird of happiness for a tail, you have a lot to learn and a lot to understand in yourself and life. So, school female happiness.  

Lesson One - self-determination. In the famous song goes: "Women's happiness would be pretty close." Part of this statement can be considered correct, because the strong shoulder near not only support and care, it is, in principle, confidence in the future. Note, however, that all women are different, and one full of happiness loved enough in a tent, and the other is a clear need to self-realization, self-manifestation as socially significant personality. The ideal choice female happiness, in fact, be a strong family and a decent job, but this is very difficult to achieve.

Lesson two - to choose the person who will be your partner in life. You should not get married because it's time or because the name. Happy marriage and wonderful family relationships are built on love and understanding, therefore, taking the men offer, you have to be confident in your feelings, or your marriage will come up to a solid, but not happy. Your family relationships will be based on the obligations of data to each other, and ideally need to get between you and your partner constantly burning fire of love, you should always feel that even a young girl in love.

Lesson Three - the happiness of motherhood. Children referred to the color of life, but they could be called the color of happiness, because any woman to become a mother, has an incredible sense of self worth. And it is so deeply and sincerely that literally glow in his eyes. If a man gives a woman the love, the child she gives life. Robust and reliable family may well be a means for self-realization, the meaning of life, giving happiness. You will be able to rely on it all.

Lesson Four - career is important to you, but it should not become more important than family. If you feel the happiness of well-established career, while no family you just can not do. Constant load business projects. ... In this alone is almost impossible. You will come home from work and rest for several hours and again in battle. Of happy woman you will become a usual workaholic, which is nothing but the duties does not see.

Conclusion: The family - the key to women's happiness, and only creating it, you'll want something else or is already in seventh heaven.

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