Meditation techniques. Rasprogrammirovanie superconsciousness

Meditation techniques. Rasprogrammirovanie superconsciousness
 Rasprogrammirovanie superconsciousness - is their image, the liberation of man from certain stereotypes, complexes and facilities that are acquired over the years and, as a rule, by upbringing.

Long before we Freud pointed out that it is the contents of the super-consciousness - the source of most psychological problems. In turn, E. Byrne, creator of transactional analysis, described with all the evidence that it is the parent programming plays the biggest role in human life. But none of the scientists did not offer a way out of this situation, a technique to get rid of such exposure.

Program NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) appeared much later, in the second half of the XX century. The essence of these methods is not to Programme out the super-consciousness, and to reprogram it, that is to say, to replace one program of work of the brain to another, more effective for a particular person.

A few examples of the art of internal rasprogrammirovaniya, which are used in various kinds of esoteric systems.

Technique proposed by Carlos Castaneda - "Internal hunting." This technique assumes under a "stalking" stereotypical behaviors that hinder the development of the individual, in the human mind and their subsequent elimination.

The technique, which is used in neuro-linguistic programming - "Reframing". This technique has pronounced magical roots. It is based on the search for diverse situations where superconscient program is simply not true and follow it is not something that is impossible and absurd. If people begin to realize and analyze a situation can occur cathartic discharge program.

Another technique of meditation is "Yoga Sutra". This stable structures, some of which are endowed with consciousness and emotions and other criteria expressing the verge of a person's identity.

Subpersonality, interacting with each other, are the eternal struggle between them, and this can be seen in those moments when a person has to make a choice, but doubts about something. Depending on what subpersonality win will depend on the choice of the person expressed his opinion Gurdjieff scholar.

To exit from this situation is necessary to achieve a coherent state of mind, in other words, there should be no struggle between sub-personalities, they should only cooperate with each other, achieving a specific goal. Such techniques are well described in the writings of D. Rainwater and Roberto Assagioli.

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