How to resolve the conflict

How to resolve the conflict
 Which leads to conflict? Clash of opposing opinions and interests. And if you do not learn how to find a way out, your relationship is doomed. Try to correctly understand the man in different situations, sometimes going to compromise.
 Conflicts occur among young lovers and married couples in the current. And give rise to such an unpleasant situation is often the most banal things and actions. For example, the lack of attention from a loved one, financial problems, family life, even fatigue. At the same time accumulated a huge amount of negativity that eventually spills out. The most offensive that becomes a victim of a loved one.

It is very important to understand that without conflict coexistence impossible. But they can not only mitigate, but also completely resolved. It is important to understand that the conflict can not be avoided, as this would have wanted. Conflict - it is possible to understand the causes of discontent and eliminate them. A permanent silence can lead to depression.

So, how to resolve the irresolvable yet, at first glance, the conflict. The first step is to understand that shouting and scandals not solve the problem. Therefore, if you want to resolve the conflict, you first need to calm down. Offer to do the same and partners. Mentally count to ten. Sit down together at the table, drink a cup of tea.

Reassured, go on to discuss the problem. No elevated tone, insults, accusations, you should not express - it will only aggravate the situation. Quietly try to explain what you do not like in a relationship and living together, as it happened.

In no case do not exaggerate or lie, very honestly and frankly tell about their everyday concerns. In the smallest details. In this situation, hints will only aggravate the conflict rather than resolve it. Calling, hear the opinion of the other side and take a decision. Try to find a compromise that will satisfy both of you - divide household duties, start saving on useless purchases, pay more attention to each other.

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