From whom and what determines the independent woman

From whom and what determines the independent woman
 Woman - is not a dog to depend on the goodwill of the host. However, the Internet is dominated by the opposite opinion, despite the abundance of websites dedicated to them - an intelligent, purposeful and independent women.
 Woman nature itself is intended to be homemakers. That is the argument most often cited as a justification to tie a woman, according to the well-known German proverb, to "kitchen, children and the church." Of course, no one force does not force her to do, but the desire to ridicule the fair sex to be completely independent in the virtual and the real world - indestructible. Moreover, it is worth noting against female independence act just the women themselves.

It is considered that an independent woman - one that can itself contain. That is the concept of independence is defined as the purely material. But in order to be able to afford the expensive and cheap fun, you have to have some source of income. So, financially independent woman still depends on the left heel of the employer or of working hours of the bank, which holds its deposits, the interest with which she lives? Somehow uncomfortable at the thought of what smart, beautiful, purposeful lady may depend on such - right, no doubt - but ordinary things.

So, it's not just about money, despite assurances that it is always only in them. How is it Shakespeare? - "Love and famine rule the world." Hunger like everything is clear, as "not live by bread alone." Love remains. Which a woman to become truly independent, must leave. Behind the door. A better - even further.

Loving a woman is allowed (it is "allowed", since every relationship involves some aspect of the will), man, children, parents, and so on up to pets and show business stars. With men it's simple: do not like - go! No man - no children. Is much more difficult with parents, although the situation may be different, and sometimes the woman can not wait to get away from home forever, and do not necessarily married. And regardless of how it relates to the father and mother. Sometimes suffocating from excessive tenderness and love wants to escape no less acute than the endless showdown or drunken debauchery.

What else but love and hunger can bind a woman to society (and the person - whether man or woman - a social being)? Public stereotype that it is, again, by its very nature (although it would seem, where nature, and where it is the society) can not control nor my heart nor mind, whom she released are supposed to, and so little. However, examples of how very different women could clenched into a fist, manage, and so, and others, a lot. And declares independence, and commanded armies, and commanded hearts.

Thus, we can conclude that if a woman wants to be independent, it should not only depend on the social prejudices, and it will be with the iron lady or a caring mother and wife - minor matters.

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