Food and nature

Food and nature
 Some like fish, others can not stand it, but the soul willing to sell for a piece of juicy pork chop or flavored barbecue. Why each person has his idea of ​​what should be the most delicious food and determine whether it is possible for the character set of products in the refrigerator? Numerous studies have revealed a certain regularity between what products people love to eat and the way in which the character he has.

Meat lovers - nature violent and energetic. They are active, ambitious and like to achieve their goal by any means. Often it is not just a sociable guys, and true leaders. But in the life of their traps many setbacks and downs since the explosive nature often very spoils their relationships with others.

Fans of fish and seafood on the contrary differ perseverance and stone tranquility. These people can be safely relied upon as friendship and family life - they are true to their word and never depart from accepted rules. However, people of this type are often not able to make a decision or lax in their actions. It often happens that in serious situations they are forced to retreat because of the inability to actively resist. Are sometimes a little characterless. But in all that relates to love, friendship and family, such people can be safely rely.

Fans of dairy sensitive and kind people. They have a heightened sense of justice and often care about others more than about themselves. The house of a man - a full cup, he always collects more friendly company, and people are drawn to it like a magnet. They love affection, subconsciously seek praise and love and are very sensitive to the relationship. To communicate with people of this type - a real pleasure, just to keep in mind that the return to what they give to others, they themselves must be a huge amount of tenderness and warmth.

But lovers of fruit - a passion for nature. This natural-born painters, sculptors or actors. They are impulsive, are in need of attention and are very vulnerable when it comes to their success. Often around they seem to be hovering in the clouds, or too lazy and not adapted to life. In fact, they Delhi sensual dreamers and romantic nature.

Sweet tooth, can not live a day without chocolate cake or candy - people are fond and tender. They come to expect from life all the best and pleasant, avoiding its sharp corners and bitter taste. Their main goal - to delight. Often these people are looking for love and affection wherever possible, since experience subconscious need to please everybody. They need constant affection and love, if they are deprived of her home, then start looking for somewhere else.

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