What does the make-up of our character

What does the make-up of our character
 Many women use makeup as in everyday life, and in the particular case. As a rule, with makeup emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws appearance. Some refuse to use bright makeup in favor of natural and vice versa. Psychologists distinguish several types of make-up, studying which one can draw conclusions about the character, habits and inclinations.  

If a woman refuses to wear makeup at all, it means that she has low self-esteem or simply do not have time for a makeover. Sometimes it may indicate that she does not feel feminine, attractive and does not want to look after themselves, for whatever reasons.

In addition, a sign of the lack of makeup on her face may be that the woman working in the men's team, or, according to psychologists, is a feminist. Typically, these ladies are men's fragrances and clothing preferred style "unisex".

Also, do not use cosmetics those of the fair sex, who are confident in their own irresistibility, and believe that the whole world should revolve around them. Interesting, but this tactic is really paying off. Men are beginning to pay attention to these women and give them special attention.

If the fairer half of humanity uses makeup, because he wants to imitate anyone, so they just do not want to go against the others. This woman uses makeup pastel colors and a minimum of means. Usually, this means that it can attract the attention of using personal qualities, character traits.

Woman using a bright decorative cosmetics can hide imperfections or facial features, as well as a way to hide the inner anxiety and restlessness. This is especially true for those who have started so recently painted.

A lover of the same make-up conservative and constant. Typically, they use the same tones, regardless of the situation and time. This suggests that they do not want to change anything in the traditional way of life and at the moment they are completely satisfied.

Those women who are fond of pointing eyes with makeup, usually able to listen to the interlocutor, trying to give good advice, without imposing their point of view. They are very observant, moreover, skillfully hide their feelings and moods of people around them.

Flirty and sentimental ladies prefer to use bright lipstick and lip gloss. In this way, they attract attention and, in most cases, like to converse about his own person.

Tastes and preferences in the make-up may change over the years, or for one day, the main thing - to distinguish whether it is a desire to conform to fashion trends or due to changes in the soul of the woman.

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