Tantric training: love, freedom, loneliness

Tantric training: love, freedom, loneliness
 Tantric training for those men and women who seek love, happiness and harmony. Training - is very symbol of this action. Rather, it is the attainment of truth, the path from heart to heart. This is the space in which everyone can find what dreamed.

You have the opportunity to:
- Understand what true love, revealing the path to harmony.
- To find true freedom that should not lose even in love.
- To know the loneliness and to open its unexpected facets.
- To achieve the desired harmony in work and family relationships.

Only experiencing love, you will be able to reveal your own soul and find his true self. Understand their feelings, you will feel the integrity and harmony of the world, the harmony in yourself, it will fill you with life. Love - it's not a relationship and sex, love - that's what you live and breathe, the harmony is - interest in everything around and the quality of your being.

Tantric training allows you to relive the wonderful experience and understand that any action without your love will end the emptiness and pain, and if your actions are motivated by love, you will find true happiness.

But true love does not exist without freedom. True freedom, not imaginary. Tantra treats freedom as an organic combination of many beginnings. Freedom to be happy or unhappy. Freedom to be yourself, and perhaps others. The freedom to live the life that you want to live.

In the East, a very important symbol is the honey bee, embodies freedom. Collecting honey, it moves from flower to flower, not tied to any one. Tantra says: Be a bee free! Freedom in the Tantric sense - this is the true power, the will and determination.

Tantric training will help you get rid of unnecessary worries and constraints to achieve inner harmony. And then - real freedom, not knowing the limits. It also helps to know the taste of loneliness, which means tantric understanding the highest degree of self-sufficiency. Such loneliness - it's not a sense of inferiority, lack of demand for people waiting that someone will come and light a light. Loneliness - a sense of self-fullness, which you can share via their love. A man in love is not suffering from loneliness, and enjoy it.

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