How to forget the former love

How to forget the former love
 You broke up with her boyfriend. But here it is impossible to forget. Therefore constantly think about it, spend the evening alone, do not want to see anyone. It seems that life has stopped for you. You understand that you must forget the former love. But how to do it?
 Do not stay alone. Spend as much time with friends. Then your mind will be distracted from the main issue, you will not feel so alone. Walk along the nature, gym, a swimming pool. Besides that you will be able to slowly erase the memory with the image of the former, so more and spend time with benefits, while working out. Attend exhibitions, theaters, concert halls. Gaining new experiences - the more you comprehend the new, so everything will go on your experiences.

Remember that you have relatives who are in need of you. Often inquire to them, call. Communication with relatives restore your balance, you inspired with their problems. Surround them with care, and your sorrow will be less significant for you.

Well, if you have an interesting job. Pay more attention to it. Remember that you are young and you have a long life ahead. Tackle career. To do this, sign up for additional courses in a foreign language, will be examined in the economic performance of the company, to offer a new approach to solving production problems. This will not only distract you from the heart experiences, but also give an opportunity to prove to the authorities. And this is the first step on the career ladder.

Try to keep a diary. Writing down your feelings, you would like to move away from them. Through time, re-read what you have written a week ago, and you will realize that now your pain is getting smaller.

You can apply various psychological methods. For example, write the name of a loved one on the sheet, then izorvite into small pieces and throw out the window. Remove all things that remind of it: the photo, which stood in a prominent place, his favorite dish, a toothbrush. All ruthlessly tear, break, break. And forget about the old one. And at the same time about it.

Of course, it is not so easy to forget his greatest love. But you must try. And in time you will once again be living a full and vibrant life are sure to meet his new happiness. A former love of the painful memories will become a distant and bright.

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