How not to be afraid of their desires

How not to be afraid of their desires
 Since the days of the caveman in the world has changed a lot. The desire of our ancestors were modest to the limit, but it helps to survive and thrive in inhuman conditions.

Everything was simple and clear. Would you like to have - go hunting in the woods or on the berries. Want "porazmnozhatsya" - could wrest from the right to be rivals with the best women of the tribe. Do you want to be warm - get the cave or figured out how from animal skins to build the first prototype of the modern "sweat pants" and T-shirts. Many tribes (eg, in Africa) and still live. But the higher the level of civilization, the more artificial needs and temptations occurs in humans. And if primitive man himself is a generator of feelings, desires, could openly show their emotions, now in and around the modern homo sapiens has a huge amount of what you want, but can not due to the generally accepted norms of morality, education, lack of funds, etc.

You have to pay for the right to habitat in a studio "cave", for clothing, for food. For this to work, and most of the staff. Limitation absolutely natural human desires begin immediately after the call hated for many alarm. The desire to "sleep a little more," answered without holding back in terms rudeness boss, do what he likes, and not hateful report, the desire to eat something tasty, but strictly banned - it all has to mercilessly nipped in the bud. Options can be a huge number. Too much was "impossible" and too many "must".

First of all, you need to understand that pile of desires, which are and your true desires, and imposed by parents, environment, media, advertising, which constantly hear, read. Need to realize that is their source: a healthy ego or fear.

Than, for example, is dictated by the desire to chronic women lose weight? If you need to improve your health, you want to make yourself better. But if the same is done for fear of losing their jobs, the attention of men, it's a fear of displeasing someone, not your desire to improve their quality of life. You can certainly "be like everyone else" and not to stand out, but it needs to abandon their desires and adjust to the "universal." The only question is whose life you live, your or those who imposed their cherished you, but do not always respond to human nature dreams?

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