Frankness. Frankness as manipulation

Frankness. Frankness as manipulation
 Girlfriend just loves to tell you these details of his life, from which you could not help beginning to stir his hair. With this she slept from this abortion done, and she also has a headache, because today is a day ... man, inexperienced in such recognition, it seems that trust him, once recognized as such juicy details. But not so simple: it is possible, before you arm.

When a person is honest with you, it is always very nice and disarms. You penetrate to the interlocutor grudging respect once he trusts you so that he can tell us about something personal and sore. But manipulator just what you need, so you have like him favor and confidence. Many people unconsciously begin to spread unfamiliar with very personal details, simply because they want to hear from them the same exact details about their personal lives. Beware: if you indulge in too frank conversation only out of a sense of reciprocity, we can very quickly find that about your love life and health problems say all around.

There are people who like to complain about their lives. They meet with you only to ponyt. All they ever bad, then it hurts, there falls off, man changes or does not bestow gifts, mother-in-all the blood drunk ... wonder how they manage to live well and maintain a healthy complexion with all these monstrous misadventures. Your participation in the conversation limited comfort and the belief that all will be well. Such people - energy vampires. They were a pleasure to talk about their problems, because you tend to start their sincere regret, and gave them not only their time and good mood, but also the energy and sometimes money.

Manipulation often use quite frankly influential people for even more control over their subordinates. If the chief open up in front of his subjects, the latter will be a light shock - it means the boss thinks it special and trust, like anyone else. Man after this conversation starts another look at the boss and makes every effort to justify the impression of its unique and compelling. But how? That's right - work harder, be more proactive and stop to ask. Psychologically, such motivation is very strong, so leaders using this technique, sometimes skimp on bonuses and salary increase.

If you do not like it when you overly frank, and you do not want this to continue, have the courage to say so. As a rule, people, you do not close, they begin to talk in their own selfish purposes, so there is nothing wrong with that quietly and gently explain that you are not interested. It is necessary to clearly distinguish between the frankness willfully and little meaningful to that person actually comes from the best of intentions. Loved ones can also sometimes be frank with you more than usual, listen to what they say and try to hear what they want to say. After all, honesty is by nature disarms person to another. Be able to see the sincerity in people and try to justify their expectations.

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