Art lies: in what ways you can hide most frank deception

Art lies: in what ways you can hide most frank deception
 It is necessary to turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper, as we immediately talk about the deceived people. Sometimes a man calling other simpletons, after a while he catches the bait and become a victim of fraud. Fraudsters manage to hide the most frank deception because they have thoroughly studied the art of lying. Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of liars, you need to get acquainted with their "secrets."

The main reception which fraudsters use is clothing. Since the first impression of you unfamiliar person develops at his appearance, this method is reliable enough. If you are familiar with potential business partners, one of the recommendations for you will be his way, well-fitting suit, watch status. You will subconsciously placed to him and suspect him of self-interest, especially if his clothes more expensive than you.

Almost flawlessly affects people uniforms. Inspires confidence robe doctor overalls with the words "Ministry of Emergency Situations." Sometimes people do not even ask overalls documents, so this way of cheating is also very popular.

Inspire confidence in a man - it's like that get a key from his heart or pocket. Fraudsters it is enough to render any service to small and does not require anything in return. This simple technique is often able to lull and people willing to unconditionally believe scams. In the case could go all: to create the image and reputation of honest and decent man, charming smile, supposedly "true" story about yourself. All this creates an uncritical attitude towards the deceiver by his future victim.

Sometimes, in order to deceive someone, it is enough to pretend to be a simpleton. There are people who do strive to abuse the credulity of others. It is they who often carried out at the reception. Sometimes the victim is and honest man who does not expect "simpleton" no catch and trusting him to lose vigilance. Often in such roles are the people that look the most vulnerable: the elderly and children. You will not refuse to exchange the old man $ 10, in which he did not understand anything, to rubles? That's just the same!

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