Purpose of malachite mascot

Purpose of malachite mascot
 Malachite - is an aqueous copper carbonate. It comes in all shades of green, until the black and green. In ancient times, it was the stone of scientists and physicians. But apart from its magical powers, malachite and endowed with healing properties.

Traditional healers use malachite in the treatment of skin diseases. Malachite bracelet clean it from the red spots and allergic rashes. Beads of malachite help improve hair growth, relieve asthma attacks.

It is believed that rheumatism malachite treated plate. Malachite light color heals lung disease, heart, spleen, liver, and pancreas. Malachite and jewelry from it reduce toothache. It is useful in nervous disorders.

In ancient times believed that malachite links the Earth and the universe. On this mineral is legendary. In the old times it was thought that he could make the invisible man. If you drink water from malachite cup, you can learn to understand the language of animals.

They say that malachite has magical powers. And he still enjoys great popularity. Malachite can increase a person's energy, thus attracting increased interest in its holder. Women, if you are a talisman of malachite, longer retain the attractiveness, charm and even sexuality. Malachite helps to improve relations between the spouses. Mascots of malachite protect children from fright. It is believed that malachite can help lonely people, he attracts the attention, good luck. It is good for creative people, artists, writers and journalists. Their energy it helps correct perception of information and peaceful.

Malachite has a beneficial effect on the weight and the Lions, but for Cancers and Scorpions, it is useless. When you choose a stone, trust your instincts, feelings. It is believed that the pattern of the stone - is its soul. Pattern can be blurred or resemble ancient writings. If you guessed drawing, then this is your stone, he is with you "spoke". When you buy it, you often talk to him, talk about their desires, then they will be fulfilled. Never wear your opponent's mascot and also do not give anybody. After all stones are able to accumulate energy. To use the stone rim copper or silver.

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