Could be a simple stone talisman

Could be a simple stone talisman
 There is a huge amount of minerals, which, in the opinion of psychics, supernatural action. Some bring good luck, health and wealth of others, add virility, etc. But here lies on the beach, at the bottom of the mountain gorge or on your doorstep ordinary stone. Will he be able to benefit, harm or become a mascot?
 Simple stone or not, can only say a geologist and geologist for ordinary stones there. After all, even a pebble - not just a stone, and a fragment of which are located in the vicinity of mountains and rocks, sea and grinded time. This can be granite or basalt, limestone or volcanic glass - pumice. In this case, no doubt, some action he will have, because these rocks have a very powerful energy. Granite, for example, brings good luck and success in business, strengthens relationships, and basalt kindles the fire of love and passion. Not too heavy cobblestone can take with them as a mascot from the coast or from the Egyptian pyramids. The main thing is to bring a mineral found its owner a favor and goodness.

In some cases selected in the so-called "places of power" stone, for example, near the complex of dolmens, can not bring good luck and sorrow and unhappiness. Among the guides and tourists strolling stories turned into legends about people who picked up only pebble on the memory, and then promptly collapsed their whole life. And they had to return to the ill-fated place to return to its particle system.

It sometimes happens that before any event, a date with a loved one or an important interview people from boredom, excitement and anticipation pulls in his hands and unwittingly puts it in his pocket a small stone. Date or job interview goes surprisingly well, and after a day or two in your pocket or purse, found the stone, which brought good luck. It is possible that this piece of the universe will become the mascot of the owner.

They are worn in pockets on the wrist or around the neck. Some people in the jewelry shops asking them to issue a ring or pendant in a beautiful frame. Most unusual in such as may be called bile and stones extracted from the bladder. Owners of the original decorations are proud to carry a part of his body and of his life, which has become their mascot.

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