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 For a month, you can lose weight by 7 kg. A volume decrease by 3-4 cm.  

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Meals are not particularly strict. But exercise 3 times a week necessarily namely cardio and power load. A total of 1.1 5 hours per day.

Exclude sweet, flour. But we are all human, so once a week you can afford a piece (30-50g) or chocolate cake. However, the next day or day of discharge, or 15 minutes more exercise.

So, choose one of the options, and so eat for a month.

1. Coffee / tea without sugar toast + / 40g soft cheese (cheese, braid, etc.)
2. Oatmeal on the water (35g dry), green tea
3. 0 Muesli milk, 5% (30 g dry)

1. Apple / Orange
2. skim cheese 100g
3. 30g of nuts (sometimes you can pamper yourself, and proteins do not interfere)

Lunch Time:
1. 100g chicken breast + 100g white mushrooms (STTS), salad with cucumber, radish and greens (200g), green tea.
2. 200 g of fish (hake, pollock, walleye) stewed with vegetables or fresh (200g), green tea
3. 150 g gras (chicken) + salad with fresh vegetables / braised cabbage, green tea

1. Tea with curds 0% (100g)
2. 40 g of dried fruit
3. fruit (except bananas and grapes)

1. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes (2 eggs + 1pomidor)
2. Fish (150g) with a salad of fresh vegetables
3. meat (without skin and fat) 100g + salad with fresh vegetables
4. Low-fat cottage cheese 200g (you can add a little fruit)

Before going to bed (21.00):
A cup of yogurt or 0-1% slimming tea (optional).

The main principle:less fat, more proteins.

The approximate ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, 40, 10, 50%. And, of course, exercise.