"Marriage kontrakt or WHO IS XY". Horror life Rublev women

 The regiment arrived bytopisatelnits Rublevki. Until recently, this genre was represented only by Oksana Robski, but now there is another author. Tatiana Ogo - known business lady in show business, the winner of the contest "The most stylish socialite persona of Moscow", the wife of prominent businessman - released very frank book.

Business lady and wife of prominent businessman Tatiana Ogo first openly described the family life of the oligarchs in his book "Marriage kontrakt or WHO IS XY".

The regiment arrived bytopisatelnits Rublevki. Until recently, this genre was represented only by Oksana Robski, but now there is another author. Tatiana Ogo - known business lady in show business, the winner of the contest "The most stylish socialite persona of Moscow", the wife of prominent businessman - released very frank book.

Hunting for states

- Tatiana, what advice would you give to girls who dream to hook up to men?

- The first tip - how to think. Maybe still afford someone to love? Recently, a girl who climbed barely alive from a severe marriage to an elderly husband, terribly abused her, concluded: "Do you think a normal adult man wants to marry a girl half his age yourself ?! This is - a warning to all the Huntress. "

The second suggestion - in the case of a successful outcome of the operation for the privatization of the secured man to be ready for the fact that after a while and have the most to step aside before the onslaught of a young and comely trophies. If the number of wives and children not bothered, then quietly use that falls to your lot. I know of families where the man at the same time contains three children and his wife along with three nice girls, each with two children from this man.

- What are the common mistakes hunters for states?

- Sleep with a man does not mean half closer to the goal. Another system error becomes too quickly agreed to accept expensive gifts. In life, sometimes the car or at home pretty soon returned back to the owner.

Another mistake I would call an underestimation of the importance of the existing family. As a rule, a man tries to maintain official relations with his wife, regarding it as a cover.

Oligarch can not be true

- What are they, the wife of the oligarchs?

- Many people think that women can exercise their oligarchs essence only in boutiques, haughtily talking to sellers. Basically, it is peculiar to the "second tier", for which the most expensive show-off. Understandable, because for them were given important personal things - youth, beauty, renunciation of real feelings.

Revealing story to tell. One girl came in a boutique with an older husband and asked the saleswoman, "Ask him, please, how he manages to be stored in such a way, or I did not have time to choose." After asking a bored face of a man transformed. While the young woman choose an outfit, he demonstrated the salesgirl and tan, and biceps, and press ... From the demonstration of the "main virtues" of his unwillingness to stop only saleswoman evaluate it.

- What dream woman who has everything?

- The wives of oligarchs no longer dream of fur coats and rings. Most of the fathers to their children left alone and friends who are often invited to "private events" and heifers. And each individual - their own dream. For example, I dream of one day becoming a man. It is very interesting to find out what they think and feel. But only for one day!

- Can oligarch be a good family man and a faithful husband?

- A good family man - yes. Faithful men - hardly. I have a friend, a sufficiently rich, who claims not to be unfaithful. But he attends social events, met with the girls, inviting them to travel and even experiencing a platonic love. But do not sleep with them. Is this good from his wife? There are doubts. It is already a lot of years, he will not take it.

Gentleman's set "mouse" and "misska"

- How are secured to the men that their wives do want to succeed, to achieve fame? As it was with your husband?

- In general, men want to see as wives "gray mice". But to show to friends as a trophy they want to "miss something there." If the wife all the time mumbling nonsense about relatives, construction, school, the "mission" keep quiet.

But if bored wife suddenly wins the competition, it becomes "Mrs.", the husband at the time puzzled - "This cow is needed most."

As for me, I am a very active person and always like to be. I'm sure my husband is proud of my progress.

- But the marriage contract with your spouse you made? How Come?

- Yes, we have a contract. This is a voluntary and informed decision. I am not going to idealize his family, we also have problems occur. With the contract I was confident that the children will be all right. And for me personally, this agreement is an analogue of insurance in case of force majeure.

It is fashionable to "adopt" students

- How to take oligarchs your book?

- Those with a sense of humor and a certain objectivity - with enthusiasm, even quote. One once called: "We're friends, they asked me to tell you that you - Washed-bitch! "I answered," I just am in the company of their wives, and they hold the opposite opinion. " But I'm glad that the reaction is - then the problem has not gone unnoticed.

- Is it possible to described the story?

- They are mixed from different stories. The individual had even soften. It would be simply blasphemous to present them in their original form.

- In the book there is a funny story about the casting of beauties, who conducted an oligarch in his house, choosing a girlfriend. This is often the case?

- At every step. However, in recent years not even need to declare casting, only manage to dismiss. Pimps became too heavy to work. The competition is huge, and the oligarchs are less healthy. By the way, earlier in the environment of the oligarchs was fashionable to have a mistress model or an athlete, then two, then it became fashionable to just go with a group of ten beauties and even to do nothing with them, just to walk. And now fashionable to "adopt" students: with them at least you can talk to.

Recently, one of my middle-aged rich friend mused: "We were at the birthday party of a friend's daughter, so many girls - a lot of work! "" They are all from wealthy families - I replied, - in order that they did not meet with the likes you, they have a pope. " Friend immediately found: "Yes, but, on the other hand, all over the country have been final. One of these days will start the influx of fresh and hungry crumbs ... "

Excerpts from the book "Marriage kontrakt or WHO IS XY"

The fight for trophies. Why do we need a marriage contract?

"... The first thing that is good, this document - the belief that the husband in every way try not to screw up in front of you. You have to be a complete idiot to light up in front of his wife, knowing about the unpleasant consequences. In addition, the marriage contract signed under certain conditions, to some degree turn marriage into a game of chance. Guys do not like to lose.

Second - properly selected amount of compensation helps to survive the bitter disappointment.

For example, a woman who learns that her husband took on the Cote d'Azur echelon beauties, of course, feels a little offended. But if there is a marriage contract terms that in such cases the husband is obliged to pay compensation to his wife in an amount not less than the amount spent on psevdoholostyatsky vacation, is not it, it becomes easier to breathe?

I foresee strong objections male community. Like, why do I have to spread their money?

Easy, guys!

Firstly, not every time, but only in cases where the shame slept; Secondly, the money-it is still obschakovye, family ie. If we are not women, the children clearly. When you spend part of the common fund, you must either reimburse it or to respond to the concepts. And why in the family should be any different? Guys you or not in the end? »

On the "right" husband

"... At the funeral of George had countless people. Anya lost her mind with grief. Throughout his adult life, the best twenty years, she has devoted to this great man. One Anya knew for sure: George live without it can not.

... After the ninth day of Anna decided to finally take the cabinet George.

... All the notebooks were carefully dated, they were stickers with numbers. Anna sat in the chair, decided to devote this evening study of the works of George Melidze.

"February 20. In Anki birthday. Gave her flowers, she waited for more. Went to buy a ring. The restaurant presented. She was crying. Dura. Took the women to their homes. Let's go to work. Actually removed prostitute. Jeered as they could, but there was no buzz. The whole process - hardly at C grade. Andrew (son of Ani from his first marriage. - Ed.) To get to work. Heifer tried, but not my day. He took off the camera. Now look at it and do not understand why it was bad. "

... She gasped when perelistnuv page, she read the description of another day, other actors. Now the process described in the style of hardcore.

With characteristic thoroughness near Mount portraits of used prostitutes stood on a five-point evaluation system, reminders (what exactly does best).

Never before Anna had not experienced such a storm of emotions from melancholy disappointment to unbridled anger, malevolence explicit, in which the word "death" was changed to the word "dead".

The decision to end her life turned into a decision to live happily ever after. The only thing she could not understand what the test for her was steeper - gory death or inability to kill him herself.

On the fortieth day from the pier Anna Melidze the whole neighborhood resounded merry songs and laughter. The official pretext of mourning fun was the assertion that the deceased would have loved it. Only a few dedicated knew that Anna is celebrating its rebirth. "

Lists of victims

"... The fact that he trophy knew half of Moscow, heifers at him literally written into the queue. For a couple of hours of intimate revelations of the 42-year old man without regret parting with thousands of dollars. True, his wife pretended to age-related diseases first thing affected detoproizvodnoy function ...

... To the ancient and simple trick positive impact on the brain relaxed rich man is, for example, simulation of virginity. By the same tricks applies tightening torque providing sexual services (need to meet at least 7 times before letting usually fuck yourself). They'll take and position: "Yes, darling, of course, wait, met with his little wife and the children, just remember, I love you and I will wait as long as necessary."

Another well-known trick: "Stay as you are. I love you just for that! »Learn? This is not difficult. The chairman of the trade union hunters for second-hand millionaires is not only a list of names of the oligarchs and the senators who have problems in the family, but also clear guidance on effective behavior. "

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