Who is it? Vladimir Lev

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 In the 90th years of the twentieth century, the name of Vladimir Levkina was on the lips of almost all representatives of the younger generation of post-Soviet space. Soloist of the first boys-band group in the country, he was the idol of youth, women and pet seemed successful and anything not thought handsome. However, in real life, Vladimir bears no resemblance to the man, as he seemed to his admirers. Life presented him with a lot of surprises and shocks, however, he was able to survive them, for that is worthy of all praise and respect.

Vladimir Lev was born 6 June 1967 in Moscow at age 7 went to public school and I must say, was a diligent student and about the Soviet pioneer. In addition, a year earlier, he became involved in the music school on bayan, and later became addicted to playing the guitar. Even as a child he loved to sing and play in different groups, mainly in the style of hard rock. Later, while serving in the army, Vladimir continues to enhance its musical prowess, playing guitar in a local band "Horizon". On his return from the army, Lev tries himself in several musical groups, but in the end, decided to enter the Gnessin School. For the experiment, he participates in the competition Bari Alibasov and to my surprise gets into a real pop group "Na-na". So Vladimir Lev receives universal recognition: Group soars to the top of the charts. For 10 years, he is the lead singer of the legendary band "Na-Na" parallel ends in absentia GITIS (Directing Department).

In 1998, Vladimir left the band and trying his hand at cinema, and in 2000, together with his army friend Vyacheslav Kachin creates a punk rock band "Sneakers". The band released a couple of albums that are very popular. Here, life presents an unpleasant surprise. In 2004, the musician brings a serious operation, and no one knows whether he will go on the amendment. Next to him there are only the closest people in this time suddenly appears and a new love. These people support him and help cope with the disease. Then Lev continues to active social and theatrical life.

Since 2006, the singer became the director of the Culture and Sport All-Russian public organization "Union of Social Justice of Russia", and since 2009 - member of the Central Council of the supporters of "United Russia". Among other things, he is heavily involved in charity, takes part in charity events in memory of those killed in the service of the staff, visiting orphanages, children's homes, hospitals and medical centers.

Vladimir Lev repeatedly awarded diplomas and medals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the medal "For the sake of life on earth." Do not forget to "Nanai" and about his favorite business - music. He is preparing a new album, goes on tour, is constantly being improved.

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