Wedding Plushenko and Rudkovskoj

Wedding Plushenko and Rudkovskoj
 Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaja - charming celebrity couple, the embodiment of love and commitment. Marriage famous skater Yevgeny and eminent producer Yana held on 12 September 2009.
 28-year-old Plushenko and 36-year-old Rudkovskaja registered their marriage in a registry office in Moscow Kutuzov. Institution in this day has been specially closed for the remaining pairs. Needless celebration took place in the suburban hotel Barvikha Hotel & SPA. Here, in addition to guests visiting the wedding was held, then all invited to the banquet.

Among the distinguished guests were just close friends of the star couple: Ksenia Sobchak, Philip Kirkorov, Andrey Malakhov, Nikolai Valuev, Anfisa Chekhov, Oxana Fedorova, Lera Kudryavtseva, Sergei Lazarev, a pair of Bondarchuk, Lena Kuletskaya, Nikolai Baskov, Dima Bilan, and about 150 people .

Wedding dress that Yana Rudkovskaja chose in Paris, was a dazzling exquisite. It is in this purple, the color of ice, embroidered with flowers and semi-precious stones exclusive wedding dress the bride went to the guests after the ceremony. Worked over the dress fashionable in Hollywood Arabic designer Zuhair Murad. At the very ceremony and wedding catering Jan wore a different, more expensive dress, custom fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. According to rumors, it will cost the couple of 100 000 euros.

A wedding veil replaced by Chopard diamond crown worth 500 000 euro! The famous jewelry house gave this crown Yana Rudkovskoj the ceremony for free, as a gift.

The exact cost of the wedding celebrity couple keeps a secret. According to estimates of journalists, organizing celebrations took about 1.5 million euros, with these major expenses were covered by sponsors and friends of the newlyweds. Plushenko paid a banquet and wedding rings. Who are the sponsors? Chief among them - OK! Since all of the rights to coverage of the event were given to this magazine, the publishing house has paid half of triumph, and as a gift to the young presented a trip to the Maldives. The wedding has sparked interest in the West (where Plushenko is very popular). Japanese central channel for live video translated newlyweds wedding pretty decent the bag - one minute video was worth 50,000 euros. Thus, once again rumored to be a couple on their wedding was able to earn more than one million euros.

Lovers get married did not, they announced that they will go down the aisle after the birth of children together. Jan and Eugene dream of twins.

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