The wedding of Prince Albert

The wedding of Prince Albert
 Wedding 53-year-old Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock of South African swimmer took place on 1 July 2011. In the throne room of the Royal Palace 33-year-old future princess said "Yes" to her fiance. Knot of young sealed Philippe Narmin - Chairman of the State Council.
 At the end of the wedding ceremony of Prince and Princess went to the balcony of the palace and greeted those gathered in the square. Lovely Charlene wore a long skirt and jacket sky-blue. The dress was perfect, and the color is perfectly in harmony with the delicate skin of the bride. Of jewelry was only stud ear. Hairstyle looks simple, but elegant. Prince was dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and gray tie.

At the wedding were invited many guests. Among them pride of place occupied by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the famous model Naomi Campbell, designers Giorgio Armani (Charlene Wittstock is the face of the house Armani) and Karl Lagerfeld, the famous actor Roger Moore.

Celebration of the wedding was held immediately after the ceremony at the Port Hercule. Charlene little changed image - took off his jacket and wore an elegant pearl necklace.

Under the leadership of the French musician and oranzhirovschika Jean-Michel Jarre was arranged an amazing light show with illuminations and fireworks. Monaco residents could watch the wedding ceremony and celebration in the streets on a large TV.

Wedding budget was $ 82 million, and the celebrations began on the day before it. June 30, July 1 and 2 in Monaco were declared the weekend. The celebration opened on June 30 performance of the legendary group The Eagles. The principality was decorated with flowers and portraits of the newlyweds. Monaco have not had such luxury celebrations.

However, a week ago, the wedding could not take place. Charlene Wittstock is the third time trying to go to his home. It was rumored that officials had to take away the future princess passport. She was persuaded to return, and immediately came from several sources confirm that the bride and groom finally agreed that the ceremony will take place. In a newspaper interview Charlene admitted that her escape was related only to the pre-wedding worries. After the wedding, she feels relaxed and happy.

According to some reports, a royal family hoped that magnificent wedding with the participation of many famous guests and royals make subside scandals secret child of Prince Albert. However, at some point, the bride burst into tears, and the groom looked completely impassive. But let's hope that this is also excitement.

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