The most expensive cars in the world

The most expensive cars in the world
 Cars come into our lives. No one is surprised kilometer traffic jams on the roads and continuously growing number of driving schools. In Russia, every third family has a car. But there are machines that are not to buy, can just see one.

Ranks first Bugatti Veyron. The cost of this car is within 1500 000-2 000 000 $. This price category easily and unobtrusively notifies you about the handling, agility, power and speed of the machine. This model is characterized by the highest degree of personalization: literally taken into account all the wishes of the future owner.

Second place rightfully belongs to Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari F430 Scuderia well-known Italian manufacturer. The price of the machine is in the range of $ 800,000 to $ 1,500,000.

Retie place is divided between cars and Pagani Zonda. All the machines presented in this line of sports. Therefore are not only infinitely original design, but also leadership speed acceleration. These vehicles are estimated at around 700 000 - 800 000 $.

In fourth place flaunts Koenigsegg CCXR, is the most powerful in a series of CCX. 1018-hp engine with a torque of 1060Nm in overcoming the barrier of 100 km / h in just 3, 2 seconds with a top speed of 400 km / h will shake your imagination. Issue price $ 1,000,000.

Fifth place is occupied Porsche Carrera GT by German manufacturers. The only representative of the Porsche line with the ten-cylinder engine of 5, 7 liters and output of 612 horsepower offered purchased for $ 500,000.

So, a list of the five most expensive cars of the world is made. How soon will it become obsolete? When you consistently accelerating rate of technological development it is impossible to predict. Surely it can be argued only that the strongest producers who are at the helm today their position is not lost.

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