The great Robert De Niro

The great Robert De Niro
 Robert De Niro - known film actor, director and producer. He never left his indifferent spectators. All of his work lies incredible strength, character and emotion. De Niro, an adherent of the Stanislavsky system, the screen is always different, his characters, even comical, sometimes forced to think about serious things.

The actor was born on August 17, 1943 in a family of artists in New York City. His parents divorced early: two years with the future actor grew up without a father.

While still in school, he felt a craving for the stage. Started taking acting lessons and in sixteen years been actively involved in theater productions. De Niro later went to live in France, where he starred in a small role in the movie "Three Rooms in Manhattan", after which the actor went straight to conquer Hollywood.

This recognition Robert De Niro received after the movie "The Godfather 2". Film critics, dubbed the actor "second Marlon Brando", deigned by Oscar De Niro.

After that, the actor falls literally a flurry of star roles that brought him an incredible honor. He acted in the films "Taxi Driver," "The Deer Hunter", "Raging Bull." Now the mere mention of the name of the actor in the credits to become the key to the success of any film. Endless spectator love and sympathy was fixed for Robert De Niro after the film "Once in America", "Fight", "Casino," "Analyze This."

Now De Niro is known not only as a talented actor, but also as a successful producer and director. His film "Bronskaya Story" also became popular with viewers.

Now, in addition to his film work, the actor has successfully engaged in business. His restaurants are open in San Francisco, London and Moscow. Restaurant in San Francisco is known to many, there can be found with more than fifteen hundred wines and just have a good time.

Robert De Niro has been married twice, his last marriage was registered in 1997, the choice was a former flight attendant Grace Haytaue, which in 1998 gave birth to a son.

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