Strong woman Natalia Ragozin

Strong woman Natalia Ragozin
 Natalia Ragozin is the owner of three championship belts according to the WBA, WIBF and GBU. Career in professional boxing, she began with a kickboxing school. Having achieved phenomenal success in the sport, Natalia became involved in amateur boxing. Here athlete also showed excellent results, winning numerous prestigious awards. Since 2006, Natalia Ragozin trains in the German club SES-Boxgym in Magdeburg. To date, the professional women's boxing has no equal.

Natalia was born in 1976 in the small town of Abay, located in the Karaganda region of the former Kazakh SSR. Like many little girls, in her youth, she dreamed of becoming a flight attendant and Model. However, the fate of the future stars of professional boxing there was a little different. When Natalia was the first time on an airplane, I immediately realized that she was very afraid of flying. Career stewardess failed before it even started.

Natalia grew up in a large family (she has three sisters and a brother). Nature has blessed athlete good physical health and well-proportioned physique. About these Russian girls famous Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov wrote - "the horse in motion will stop in a burning hut." Enrolling in a sports boarding school in Karaganda, Natalia Ragozin started practicing athletics, specializing in women's middle distance.

Arriving in 1993 in Nizhny Tagil, athlete enrolled in college sports, where fascinated by fashion, but not female sport - kickboxing. In those years, the sport took a great interest mainly among boys, so the first sparring Natalia was an opponent of the opposite sex. Ended it for her battered face and numerous bruises, but strong woman that gave only an additional incentive.

The girl began to train hard and soon was able to win his first tournament, received the first Russian title "Honored Master of Sports in kickboxing." At 22, Natalia gets to Moscow, as it says well-known sports manager - Mark Meltzer. Now her sports career is associated with success in amateur boxing.

Twice she won the title of world champion, becomes the owner of the World Cup and won the European Championship gold medal. Natalia Ragozin entered in the Guinness Book of Records. During his professional boxing career, she never lost after spending 22 in the ring fight. It is noteworthy that his nickname "Sledgehammer" she has received for its powerful punch that sent it 13 times in the knockout their opponents.

Personal life the most titled athlete evolved not as successful as her athletic career. This is understandable ... Hard to combine professional career and tranquil family life. Now Natalia divorced and has a son Ivan, who recently graduated from the first class.

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