Star tandems: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Star tandems: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
 Discussing various stellar tandems in modern cinema, it is impossible not to draw attention to Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, who constitute one of the most extraordinary and successful duets actor and director. Interestingly, Depp starred in only a third of all the movies of the famous Burton.  

Depp and Burton duo based on the stellar glory both motivated and their bright personalities. Both have their eyes on modern cinema. Professional opinion of each of them is very different from the views of directors and actors, producing such films as "phony." It is for this reason that their pictures are full of life and depth.

Both characters come from the province and both made their debut in the movie kind of way. Burton began filmmaking career at the legendary Disney. It performs the function of the artist and painted original creatures. Then he began to create cartoons, the main theme of which was a struggle between good and evil.

Depp made his debut in the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1986). In the role of a teenager who ate own bed. Subsequently, attractive appearance Depp did not prevent him from playing the role of monsters and horrific crazy, including in the films Burton.

Depp and Burton gave the impression that they were made for each other to create masterpieces of cinema. Together, these creative individuals have generated image of the famous Edward Scissorhands and his hero-antipode Sweeney Todd. In understanding Burton, Johnny Depp became the spiritual embodiment of the actor who can play any role. He can shrug off personal ambitions, as Ed Wood, and to play a detective who found the Headless Horseman in the film "Sleepy Hollow."

One of the last joint work of legendary director and actor was the ideal new adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" Carroll. Depp played the course "himself", that is, the Mad Hatter.

Tandem Johnny Depp and Tim Burton is able to astound and amaze the audience.

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