Sports idol: Cristiano Ronaldo

Sports idol: Cristiano Ronaldo
 Winner of "FIFA World Player of the Year" and "Golden Ball", one of the greatest players of our time, the most expensive player in football history - list titles and awards Cristiano Ronaldo can be almost infinitely. And all that he has achieved, while still a young athlete, and having all the chances to increase their number of wins and regalia.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Portugal, Madeira Island. From early childhood, the boy's life was associated with football - his father coached small local football team, and, of course, wanted his son sporting success. The first serious team for which he played Cristiano, was "Nacional". The team's success in 1997 has allowed the boy to sign a contract with the Lisbon "Sporting". Ronaldo few years developing their skills in the football school "Sporting", achieving results not only in the main part of the club, but in the Portuguese national team at the European Youth Championship for players under 17 years.

In 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo's career reached a turning point, he was noticed by the coach, "Manchester United" Alex Ferguson. He was not afraid of the young age of the football player and signed him. It is the "Manchester United", where Ronaldo played until 2009, has become the place where developed and became known around the world his football talents. Most high-profile titles and titles Cristiano received, as a player, "Manchester United", "Golden Ball" (2008), "FIFA World Player of the Year" (2008), the best club football striker and UEFA (2008), etc.

Turning to the 2009 Spanish "Real Madrid", Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive player in football history, the sum of the transfer was about 80 million pounds. And although the athlete's career in this club until last long, he had already won the Spanish Cup of 2010/2011.

Slightly less bright and looks impressive list of achievements in his football appearances for the national team of his native country. For the first time the world saw Cristiano at Euro 2004, where Portugal took 2nd place, which is currently the highest achievement for Ronaldo. Then there were the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Euro 2008 and completely unintelligible speech at the 2010 World Cup, where Portugal is not even reaching the final. But these failures only serve as an additional incentive for Cristiano Ronaldo, because he has something to strive for and where to send their football skills.

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