Sean Penn - Hollywood bully

Sean Penn - Hollywood bully
 To get the title of "the bad guy in Hollywood" many would have given much, and Sean Penn for this and not particularly trying. He was just himself. Authoritative Time magazine called him several times the best actor America and is unlikely to those who have seen his work in film, will argue with that. It is called the Hollywood bully, charming rebel, and he does not refuse such epithets.

August 17, 1960 the director Leo Penn and actress Helen Wright was born a son named Sean. Even as a child the child brought a lot of trouble to his parents, showing their aggressive and angry temper. They had to go to the doctors to somehow cope with the wild fits of rage, in which Sean fell. However, doctors shrugged their shoulders and did not find the boy serious deviations.

Susan Sarandon was the first woman in the life of Sean. They met at a party, but their relationship did not last very long - Susan threw him out after the first scandal, arranged by Sean. He then admitted that he was not in love with her as later loved his wife Madonna.

She was 27 and he was 24 when they met. Madonna attracted to a guy like Penn, and he was crazy about her sexuality and beauty. Their first day of our acquaintance over for Sean prison cell in which he was due to a scuffle with journalists: one of them pushed the Madonna, which could not tolerate Penn. This incident has only added to his ranking points, and Madonna appreciated his action, seeing in it a real man, and after his release, their relationship began to develop rapidly.

In 1985, one day before the birthday Sean Penn on August 16 held a wedding. August 17 morning started with a new scandal because of clashes with Penn paparazzi helicopters circled above the starry abode. Sean began to shoot at them with a pistol, but to everyone's happiness, in anybody missed. Running out to the beach, he wrote in the sand curse addressed paparazzi.

In the first months of marriage Madonna admired violent temper his beloved, and in all disobeyed him. Sean took on the approval of its script and shooting in the clips, brakuya most of them. In "Shanghai Surprise" they shot together, and Penn strongly watching over his wife. He tried to shield her from the media, do not hesitate to break the camera and face, and finally ended up in prison again.

After the failure of "Shanghai Surprise" Madonna come to his senses and continued shooting in the clips, remembering his star status. She knew that if her life and will continue to develop the scenario wife, her career could be in jeopardy. After three years of marriage and manic "protection" from Penn, Madonna decided to divorce him, which was done.

Scandals in the life of Penn played into the hands of his career, and his being invited to various film projects. He began acting with Robert De Niro and Demi Moore, Brian De Palma invited him to the painting "The military losses" and "Carlito's Way" and Tim Robbins took it in the film "Dead Man Walking." While critics and began to call him one of the major actors in Hollywood.

Penn refused profitable projects for roles that thought really worth. So he played in the movie "The Game," "The Thin Red Line," "Being John Malkovich," "I - Sam," "Sweet and Lowdown" and finally got the "Oscar" for "Mystic River" maestro Clint Eastwood. His presence in the film became a kind of quality mark, but at the same time and the statement that this movie is not for everyone.

After the break with the pop diva Sean Penn has become close to actress Robin Wright, who later suffered enough from it all. He cheated on her, behaved with her rude, and she meekly endured all and forgives, in obedience to its prohibitions and requirements. Later she bore him a daughter and a son Francis Dilayn Hopper Jack, whom he named in honor of friends - Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. Through time, Sean and Robin quarreled, and she took the children and left him. Penn was a long time for reconciliation, which has been achieved only on the set of the film "It's beautiful," and then they finally got married.

After this scandal stopped, and Sean changed and became a good husband and father. Throughout his aggressiveness he had sent to the political struggle, and very soon it became known as "the most politicized US movie star."

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