Robert De Niro: Italian in America

Robert De Niro: Italian in America
 Robert De Niro is often considered native Italians, even though he was born in New York and spent his childhood in here. Over the past more than 60 years since his birth, he became popular outside his native country, which greatly contributed to his emotional game in the movie.
 As a child, Robert De Niro suffered drama associated with their parents' divorce. Mother began to actively organize their personal life, in which the child was more a hindrance, so from childhood the boy was left to himself. Living next to the Italian quarter, De Niro absorbed the entire mentality of the local population. Surprisingly enough, how he managed to get past gangs actively created at the turn of the '60s. May be largely contributed to this is the love of the stage, as in the first performances, he was still a child.

Biography of Robert De Niro includes many roles played, but the first of them, which brought him fame, was connected with the Mafia. He played one of the gangsters in the continuation of the world famous "The Godfather". For this small role he won the "Oscar" and talking about it as a rising star.

It took another ten years and De Niro received the "Oscar" was for Best Actor. It was the film "Raging Bull," which was published in 1980. Further career actor had almost no failures, although a number of films made in the 90 years, have not found an appropriate success. Rather weak script was not able to compensate for even a great game actor. Movies with Robert De Niro popular today, especially as the actor continues to actively removed. On his account not only the tape where he plays a "tough guy", no less successful, he starred in several dramas and comedies.

Today, the actor did not take up the role, the fee for the implementation of which offered less than $ 8 million. He earned a name for itself, which is now working on it. Obviously, the only one of his name in the credits of any film provides a flow of spectators. However, he not only removed, but also engaged in voicing animated films. Robert parental experience allows it, because he has five children.

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