Prince Abdullah II

Prince Abdullah II
 Jordanian Prince in the nineties of the twentieth century will be remembered in history as a future monarch, who starred in the popular series. Abdullah II so carried away by the fantastic TV show Star Trek, which accepted the offer to play a cameo appearance in an episode.
 Prince Abdullah was born in 1962 in a family of Jordan's King Hussein Bin Talal and Englishwoman Antoinette Avril Gardiner and as the future heir to the throne, was named after his grandfather, King Abdullah the First. It is noteworthy that the conservative subjects could not forgive her marriage to the king succumbed to the UK, and the prince that emerged from a mixed union for life is nicknamed "foreigner".

After graduating from the College of Islamic Prince Abdullah became interested in military affairs. He learned at the Royal Military Academy, and then went to the British cavalry and served in the Royal Hussars. On his return the next monarch engaged in reforms in the army of Jordan, in particular, spent upgrading, and was promoted to brigadier general at first, and then - Major General. The military Prince enjoyed great respect, therefore classified Abdullah II of the new heir to the throne in 1999 was met in the country "with a bang". After the death of King Hussein, his successor declared that "will follow the course of his father."

In the conservative Islamic world Prince and then King Abdullah has always had a reputation for the most "advanced" representative of the royal family. He is interested in extreme sports such as motor racing, and even has a first prize for winning the annual Jordanian rally. As a young heir to the throne more than once risked his life, then jumping with a parachute, then sank to the seabed diving. However, the true passion Abdullah became the cinema. Fans of the popular American science fiction series "Star Trek", the Prince provided considerable financial assistance to the shooting that took place in Jordan. And even the "light up" on the screen to play your favorite TV series cameo without words.

Wife of King Abdullah II chose to match. A native of Palestine Rania Al-Yassin is considered not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most modern representatives of the Islamic royal court. Together with her husband she is alone, without the help of nannies four children - two princes and princesses of the two, is a website on the Internet and the process of computerizing the country in which she was honored to be the queen.

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