Personal life of faith Alentova

Personal life of faith Alentova
 Currently Vera Alentova - a famous actress, who has come a long and difficult path, and after that has earned the recognition and honor of millions of people. Now she is the People's Artist of Russia and winner of many awards and achievements. We Alentova is best remembered by everyone's favorite film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". The fate of the heroine of the film is very similar to her personal life.

Faith childhood was not easy, as in other post-war children. While all products and clothes were in short supply. They lived with her mother almost in the basement, it was the dressing room at the theater, which is not even penetrate the sun's rays. But she did not regret that time, because it was a time to dream, thus she had already won the attention of children, telling them stories of his own.

When her mother got remarried, they are often moved from place to place. And then Vera decided in secret from his mother to be an actress, like her mother. Soon Vera comes to the position of an actress in theater Barnaul. But her mother was very unhappy with this and decided to send her daughter to study in Moscow, it was there that she should learn to become a real actress. So she went to conquer the capital.

Enrolling in school-studio. VI Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater, she meets Vladimir Menshov, for whom, and getting married. After graduating from high school studio she finds a job as an actress in the theater named after AS Pushkin, where talent is playing the role offered to her than the love of the audience and wins. She was not afraid of serious roles with dignity and always played them. After starring in the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", Vera Alentova finally gained recognition and adulation of millions of viewers.

And now, finally, Vera had a daughter Julia, but the family could not live in the same dorm room, Vera and her daughter lived in the same dormitory, and Vladimir Menchov lived in another hostel that was very uncomfortable young family, because they saw only on weekends. And the family split up, but it was the daughter of Julia again brought them together and they do not leave. And to this day they live in perfect harmony with her husband in a Moscow apartment and are always welcome. Daughter Julia walked in the footsteps of parents and as well in films.

Vera Alentova continues to act in films and playing in the theater, its shape and appearance can only envy. After looking at it, it is impossible to determine the exact age, she was always energetic, smart and funny.

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