Miroslava Karpovich: Father's Daughter

Miroslava Karpovich: Father's Daughter
 Miroslava Karpovich - theater and film actress. Widely known thanks to the series "Daddy's Girls", where she played the eldest daughter - Mary Sergeevnu Vasnetsov. Besides the fact that Miroslav is an actress, she was still interested and modeling business.

Miroslava Karpovich was born on 1 March 1986 in the town of Berdyansk (Ukraine).

In 2006 she graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School named. Nemirovich-Danchenko. Artistic directors of the course were Miroslava Zemcov associate professor and Honored Artist of Russia, Associate Professor Zolotovitskii.

In the same theater Miroslav began her acting career. Its first performances - "Do not part with your beloved", "Vaseline" and "You" (based on the play "My Happiness"). By the way, for his role in "You" Miroslav won "Gold leaf" in the category "Best Actress" in 2006

In the same year, Miroslav tried her hand at auditions "awkward age".

In addition to the Moscow Art Theatre, the actress played in other theaters. In the theatrical agency "Lecourt" Miroslav played roles in productions of "For family reasons" and "Chic wedding". In the production center "Panorama" she was involved in a "good deal" Adrian Klorensa. In "Art-partner XXI» actress played in the play "Turmoil in the loft."

In 2007, Miroslav first appears on screen in short films "Tyson". In the same year, plays a role in the feature film "sacred cause."

From 2007 to 2011, Miroslav takes part in the sitcom "Father's Daughter." Her heroine Masha Vasnetsov has a reputation as the most beautiful of the father's daughters. Carefully monitor their appearance, follow fashion. Mary shares a room with the second sister - Dasha. Mary dream - to become an actress, not a success. She failed the entrance exams in the Shchukin Theater School. However, with younger sister Masha enters the MSTU. Bauman, where the falls in love with a fellow student Benjamin. Subsequently, the girl fell in love many times in other characters of the series. She worked as a school teacher.

Let us return to Miroslava Karpovich. As mentioned above, Miroslav dabbled in the role model. In February 2011, she appeared on the cover of the popular men's magazine "Maxim".

Among other things, Miroslav participates in various television programs.

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