Meet Irina Dubcova

Meet Irina Dubcova
 Irina Dubcova - a famous Russian singer, composer and poet, graduate and winner of the show "Star Factory - 4". In summer 2007, the release of her album "Wind". In 2011 he took part in the famous project "Factory of stars. The Return ", where graduates compete" American Idol "last year, each of which had started his own career in the" House of the Star. "  

Irina Dubcova was born in the city of Volgograd in the family of a popular local jazz musician and educator. The girl was born 14.02.1982 year. Since childhood, it was surrounded by music and creative people. Even then, Irina realized that he wanted to be a singer and perform on stage.

In six years, Irina went to study in the schools and in parallel - in music. In grade 3 was found out that the girl is in addition to the music data is still craving for drawing. So Irene hit the artistic and architectural special class, where he studied until the 7th grade. Realizing that music is more important to her, she was admitted to the School of Art at the Institute of Culture, where she studied with the 8th grade.

When Irina was eleven years old, her parents decided to create a local group. This decision was taken under the impression from the concert of "class" (headed by Pryazhnikov). The result was a group of "Jam", where in addition to Ira had two girls.

At first, these were simple speech on New Year's performance, town festivals and other such events. Growing up, the girls began to receive invitations to perform in clubs. As a group "Jam", Irina began writing lyrics and music. By the way, it still provides the team with songs of his own.

After high school, enrolled in college Dubcova Arts. Serebriakova the vocal department. Studies at school, she combined her work at the restaurant "Kristina". It is worth noting that the songs of famous singers performed by her great success.

In 1999, Volgograd revisits group "Class". Pryazhnikov leaves the city with a disc of songs Dubtsova that it transmits Igor Matvienko. So Irina moved to Moscow and into the group "Girls". After two years of work in the group Irina left the band.

After leaving the group, Irina continues to make music. This time she has devoted the creation of their songs, working alongside the executive director of the studio «SBS-Entertainment». Here she recorded and the first demo versions of their songs.

Bombshell was attended by Irina in the project "Star Factory 4" producer which made I. cool. Vocal producers girl immediately noticed and appreciated them. No wonder that Dubcova left "Factory" winner, although she had on this way to overcome many difficulties. She won the right to represent Russia at the contest "New Wave", where she won second place.

This was followed by a tour participants "4th factory" in between which she worked on her debut album. He was released in 2005 and immediately gained popularity among the audience. Everything indicates that Dubcova not just a talented performer, but no less talented author.

In 2007 saw the release of her new album "Wind". Irina also writes songs to other artists. She was a songwriter for A. Makarska, Sasha, Glory, T. Dolnikova. In 2011, Irina decided to take part in the project "Star Factory. Return. "

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