Jared Leto: Biography stars

Jared Leto: Biography stars
 Singer of the band "30 Seconds to Mars» Jared Leto is not only a talented musician, but also a great actor, who had to be lighted in many high-profile tapes, and had time to make a bunch of crazy women. Meanwhile, his road to success was very difficult.

The future star was born in Louisiana, December 26, 1971. Family Summer constantly changing places of residence and had visited half of the states of America. Jared's mother was an artist, so the family was surrounded by talented and creative individuals. Father Jared was not, he left the family when Jared and his older brother Shannon were still babies.

In 12 years, Summer began working, first a dishwasher in a cafe, then a waiter. He repeatedly mentioned in his interview that then even dropped out of school for some time, and often slept on the street. Somehow I finished school, Jared went to Philadelphia and enrolled in the University, where he was most interested in art history. But a few months later he was transferred to another university, where he studied acting.

In 1992, Leto moved to Los Angeles and began her acting career. He soon landed a role in the popular TV series "My So-Called Life." Three years show was in prime time, its ratings rolls over, and then suddenly ended. The role of Jared Jordan made in the future to deny the status of "another actor Cute".

In 1996, Summer began working in feature films. But the whole world knew the actor Jared Leto after the movie "Prefontaine". In 1998, Jared and his brother Shannon created a rock band "30 seconds to Mars», and soon the band began to tour activity.

In 2000 followed the work, after which Jared was recognized as an actor of the first magnitude - "Requiem for a Dream" and "American Psycho". Both roles were given to him very hard, and after about a year, Jared never filmed.

Two years later, the debut album "30 seconds to Mars», which was cool enough received by the public. In parallel, Jared went on to star in the movie, including his work - the scandalous role of Hephaestion in "Alexander".

Jared Leto is now mainly engaged in his musical group. Not long ago, a group of "30 Seconds to Mars» was awarded the prize MTV Europe Music Award in the category "best rock band."

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