J-Lo: the secret of its popularity

J-Lo: the secret of its popularity
 Usual Puerto Rican girl with a hot temper and a nickname «La Guitarra», who was born in the Bronx and raised its dangerous streets, has become one of the most successful singers and actresses in Hollywood. Mom childhood inspired Jennifer Lynn Lopez, you need to work hard if you want to achieve something in life. Jenn was an excellent student.  

In six years, Lopez beginning dance classes, to adolescence she spent in a dance class for 8-10 hours every day. At the same time she did not miss the opportunity to participate in a children's musical theater productions and 16 already starred in the first film My Little Girl. The fee is equal to the cost of the most expensive nail polish, however, aspiring actress Jenn did not stop.

After high school, Jennifer got a job. During the day she was an assistant in a law office, and at night dancing in a nightclub. Dance classes have brought tangible benefits: she was invited to participate in the dancer in the group New Kids on the Block.

On the sample movie "Selena", brought her a fee of one million dollars, Jennifer Lopez got quite by accident. She worked as a waitress, often sitting with no money, but never ceased to believe in his good fortune. Lopez often told friends that he felt she was elected over for something important, so can not just go and stumble up on your dreams. Left behind more than 15 thousand. Contenders for the title role in the front waiting for a nomination for the prestigious "Golden Globe".

First make a million helped her begin to engage in a long-standing dream - music. The first album brings Jennifer worldwide popularity. Her songs were heard everywhere, and clips on spinning the hottest music TV channels.

Of course, it was not without a couple of juicy novels with famous men. Public with a sinking waited for finally happens a significant event - the wedding of Ben Affleck and Ms. Lopez. However, the flame of love was extinguished shortly Jen and all married Marc Anthony, after giving birth to him in 2008, the charming twins. By the way, once Lopez participated in the famous dancer at the time of the singer.

After a short break, which is dedicated to children star, Jennifer Lopez triumphantly returned to the stage, performing the song On the floor, along with rapper pitbull.

The secret of its success lies in the extraordinary capacity for work and perseverance. All that it takes turns to gold, makes a profit and is a success. Jennifer Lopez is not only an actress and singer, she is a successful businesswoman, producing perfume and clothing line named after himself.

Even with 22 pounds of weight gained during pregnancy, Lopez handled effortlessly. Just five weeks after the birth of babies, the actress appeared on the social event, surprising present excellent shape and elegance.

Jennifer Lopez walked confidently towards the goal, rising in show business to unimaginable heights. There is no doubt that it will not stop progress, and we still do not just hear about the achievements of this incredibly strong and purposeful woman.

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