How to choose a videographer for your wedding?

How to choose a videographer for your wedding?
 Usually, the couple did not skimp on wedding movies. Nowadays, no one, even a modest wedding is complete without video. How not to overpay and still get high quality, professional video, not an amateur video with a picture-oiled and cheap special effects? Some practical advice for those who do not want to be mistaken with Video for weddings and configured to select a really good videographer.

1. Discard the amateur video. Of course, relative to the camera can save a considerable amount of money, but the result is pretty abysmal, "shaking" frame, floating images, fuzzy face, the lack of the most important and iconic moments, corrosive or stupid comments overs, and beat the wedding will be too late. Remember to take your celebration is not a video camera, and people. Plan in advance of 10-15% of the total wedding budget to spend only for shooting. High-quality video means not only "Ringing" picture in the digital format, but also successful angles, good lighting, a full installation and even the decoration drives. The total price of the film depends on the type of installation. It can be as simple or complex game / stylized.

2. Operator looking for a wedding in advance. Once you have submitted the application to the registry office, immediately begin to ring and specialists. Especially if your wedding is scheduled for "hot" wedding season - from June to September. The sooner you prefer it, the more successful will be the choice. After all, a good operator will not remain without work, and his shooting schedule is painted in the months ahead. Moreover, it is beneficial and what is the price of wedding photography in the "honeymoon" season increase dramatically (especially in emergency mode), and if you are a contract of employment and will prepay long before the anniversary, then the price will be presented to you one that effect at the time of the transaction.

3. Ask to review the demo video. Rate the quality of image, sound, editing, color, style, subject and supply the frame is made whether the clip, which uses the techniques of the operator in his work. Another important factor is well-matched offscreen music, "transitions", special effects, jingle. Several films will help you to make an impression on the potential and professionalism videographer. If films made templates are similar to each other, and on exclusivity and individuality should not count. It is quite another thing, if a videographer to shoot the wedding suits each individual learns the client's wishes, agrees about the style and structure of the film, finds musical preferences, said even details such as the need for and content of the titles, wallpapers, etc.

4. Do not trust the recommendations of the registry office workers and banquet halls. Typically, these are custom business cards, advertising. Talk with master of ceremonies, personally contact the wedding agency or surveys friends who already have experience in organizing weddings. They can recommend a specific wedding operator to comment and give advice. Which would not be a positive recommendation, be sure to pre-meet with the operator, vote samples of his work, discuss the details, wishes and requirements, schedule recording, and installation time, the length of the film and the number of copies.

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