Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney

Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney
 George Clooney is a multiple title holder "Sexiest Man of the world" and "Best of all Dressing TV star." In addition, over the years he has held leading positions in the ranking of "Fifty most beautiful men in the world," according to the magazine «People». Actor, exchanged fifth decade, due to its magnetism and charm remains a favorite of women. Changing girlfriends as gloves, famous bachelor's not going with anyone bind their lives.

George Timothy Clooney was born in Lexington, May 6, 1961. On television, largely thanks to the patronage of his father, leading his own show, young George first appeared when he was five years old. In addition to filming a talk show boy frequently appeared in advertisements. Carried away baseball, George at one time planned to take them on a professional level, but after refusing to take it into the Cincinnati Reds baseball team gave up the idea. Next he wanted to start a career as a journalist, but after shooting the film his cousin decided to become an actor.

In 1982, dropped out of college, 21-year-old Clooney moved to Los Angeles, where he began the endless auditions, bringing a communicating role in the pilot episodes series, did not continue. Actor attempts to break into a good film projects, sulivshie good income, does not end there. His destiny was a low-budget movie "B" category. Most of these films, by a strange coincidence, in its title contains the word "return", "Return of the red surf", "Return of the incredible horror" or "Return of the Killer Tomatoes".

After years of searching standing role fate rewarded Clooney: the role of the pediatrician Doug Ross on the hit series "ER", comes out in theaters from 1994 to 2008, earned him a nomination for all the major US TV Awards. Temperamental and uncontrollable by Dr. Clooney has become a favorite hero of American housewives who found in him all the very best quality, which should have a real man. Do not have time to take a year since the release of the first series of screens "Ambulance", Clooney has become world stars.

Considering the continuous stream of incoming new interesting proposals, the actor made absolutely the right choice. Robert Rodriguez movie "From Dusk Till Dawn," released in 1996, in which George played the role of a loving brother maniac by Quentin Tarantino, actor enriched by a quarter million dollars. Get rid of the image of the noble Dr. Ross, in this manner, he won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Other notable roles were played by Clooney in the film "One Fine Day", "The Peacemaker," "Batman and Robin", "Out of Sight," "O Brother, Where Art Thou? "And" The Perfect Storm ". In parallel with Clooney acting career in 1999 serves as a director. In this role he created such films as "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," "Good Night, and Good Luck," "Love without rules" and "The Ides of March." Their greed to work actor explains many years of irrelevance and obscurity. He continues to be actively removed from his last works it is worth noting the role in the film "Burn After Reading", "Up in the Air" and "American."

The actor has been married only once. After living a few years of marriage to actress Talia Balsom, he divorced her in 1992. At various times Clooney linked brief relationship with Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Kelly Preston and Renee Zellweger. Women never lingered in his life for a long time, unlike his unusual pet - a hog Max vesivshego more than 100 pounds and died aged 18 in 2006.

The actor is considered a confirmed bachelor and childfree. In the early 90s Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer, his longtime girlfriend, argued with Clooney for 20 thousand dollars, which he knows the joy of fatherhood before his fortieth birthday. After losing the argument, ladies Clooney sent a check that he came back, putting his own conditions. This time, increasing the rate he's forty thousand dollars bet on something that does not become a father and fifty years. Pfeiffer was the loser this time. But she still has a chance to be rehabilitated - the actors was the last unresolved dispute that Clooney will never marry. Issue price at this time is one hundred thousand dollars.

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