Hall of Fame: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Hall of Fame: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
 This young man is distinguished wholly self-confidence, an inimitable sense of humor, amazing, bottomless blue eyes and of course, stunning smile. And it's interesting and talented actor.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, of Irish descent, was born in July 1977. The present name of the actor - Jonathan Michael Francis O`Kifi. Myers - premarital surname of his mother.

Family of Jonathan did not call prosperous, as the father (a talented musician) left his family by moving to Jersey, when the future brilliant actor was only 3 years old. The mothers had no time to deal with Jonathan and his brother Alan. But to blame the poor woman in the absence of love for his sons is impossible, because all the forces she tried to earn some money to feed children.

And grew a little Jonathan itself, relying in making decisions only on his own, still very small, experience. And once, when Dzhanatan truant once again in school (from which he was expelled after the age of 16), it drew the attention of the agents of the company Warner Bros. And although the first screen test failed, Jonathan did not lose heart, and began boldly written on all listening, which recognize. At the same time Jonathan was first lucky in life - family friend took him to his house. As he later recalled - "I finally found a home and a family."

And then came the moment in the life of Jonathan's luck began to change succession of each other. At first, he was invited only to shoot advertising, and then he was given a very small, but in the film "Love without a name" (1994). And then in the life of the newly created actor began shooting endless. Directed appreciated and loved him for what he was able to play a completely different, sometimes opposing people, whether depressive musician, a very naive guy or the main person of the criminal world. In addition to this amazing ability to radically transform, Jonathan - a very talented musician. So for example, in "velvet gold mine" all the musical numbers sound in his performance.

In 2005, director Steven Sedvidzh offered him a shot in the series about the life of Elvis Presley, where Jonathan got the lead role. For the role of Elvis he even handed "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Actor".

And in the next - in 2006, the film "Match Point," which starred Jonathan, nominated for an Oscar in the category of "Best Original Screenplay". This popular and talented actor has a congenital heart defect. But it had no impact on its performance and the desire to achieve a surprisingly brilliant future. His life - the story of a poor man who has achieved everything on their own, had dreamed of as a child.

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