Hall of Fame: Drew Barrymore

Hall of Fame: Drew Barrymore
 Blond bombshell Drew Barrymore with childish young face and attractive eyes a bit like Marilyn Monroe, who sometimes tries to imitate. Drew - very ispulsivnaya woman, but in spite of all her tricks, she has proven that he can play good. Besides Drew Barrymore - not only a famous actress, but also a film producer.

Drew Barrymore - continuer of the family traditions with a glorious theatrical past. Her great-grandfather was the star of the theater at the end of the XIX century, and acting ability was a girl in a rather early age. Started film career of this remarkable girl in all respects when Drew was not yet a year old: 11 months curly baby was casting for the filming of the video feed for dogs. The first full-fledged role in the movie got Bru 5 years of age ("Altered", 1980), but the real fame of this unusual girl brought the shooting in the sensational movie "Alien" (1982). The director of this film was the godfather Drew - Steven Spielberg. Following were slightly less successful works, but they did Drew quite recognizable. After filming "Firestarter" and "irreconcilable contradictions" Drew Barrymore was first nominated for the "Golden Globe". At the time, the young actress was barely 7 years old.

Within a decade (1980-1990y years) Drew was the most recognized child actors, offers rained down on her, one after another, the girl has proved successful in the comedy genre. At the same time, unfortunately, real life was far from comic plot: to 13 years behind Drew already attempted suicide, treatment of drug and alcohol dependency treatments in a psychiatric hospital and long-term rehabilitation.

By age 15, Drew decided to radically change his life: dropped out of school and left home, leaving his mother, according to Drew, the mother is to blame for its problems, and the father of the girl did not know. Through the courts Drew won the right to dispose of the earned money and conduct business without the intervention of his mother. Girl dabbled in literature by publishing sensational autobiography. Irrepressible craving for excitement and explosive nature led to a number of new scandals. This nude photoshoot-17-year-old actress for the magazine "Playboy" and endless quarrels with directors, problems with the police because of drug possession. At the same time serious roles in films for Drew was not.

Unlike many other children who were not able to pursue an acting career as an adult, Drew Barrymore returned to the cinema in the early '90s. Truly triumphant return of the actress was her role in the thriller "Poison Ivy" (1992). At the same time the actress has not abandoned outrageous behavior, appearing nude in nightclubs and publishing erotic photo shoot. Simultaneously, Drew managed to make exciting even mediocre film product, in "Bad Girls" actress without a backup to perform dangerous stunts.

The actress is still not going well personal life. Two of her marriage broke up after less than six months after the wedding, children, Drew yet. Without a doubt, this extravagant yet talented actress will please fans and surprise the audience.

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