Elena Korikova: Mistress into Maid

Elena Korikova: Mistress into Maid
 Someone in the audience knew and loved Helen Korikova after her participation in the production of "Three Sisters." Some viewers remembered for her role in the film "Mistress into Maid", and someone - on the TV series "Poor Nastya". What is important is that the talent did not go unnoticed by Elena, and completely deserved.  

Elena Korikova come from the Siberian city of Tobolsk. But Elena had to finish school in Rostov-on-Don, where she moved with her parents. There's also quite unexpectedly and began acting career girls. Until the last school class Elena did not even think about the profession of actress. The desire to try myself in this role came spontaneously, after one of the local newspapers Elena read the announcement on the recruitment of young talent in the acting troupe. Optimistic Elena Korikova decided to test myself and get back to work. Despite the lack of experience and too young age, Lena took. Feeling a confidence and strength in the 17 years Korikova went alone in the capital to enter the theater. After successful exams Elena took a course to Sergei Solovyov. Immediately fell role in various projects. The first work of Helen - a fairy tale, "Ha-bi-aces", where her partner was himself Vladimir Mashkov. 

Great popularity Korikovoy brought the role of Lisa Murom, the protagonist adaptation of Pushkin's story "Mistress into Maid". The painting itself was shot in a period of stagnation in Russian cinema, but soon became a real culture shock, a huge event in the cultural life, with the game of the young actress was simply gorgeous. Elena managed to recreate the true image of the heroine of Pushkin - a gentle and airy, and most importantly a truly classic. Game Helena Korikovoy appreciated not only the audience but also fellow professionals: its role was awarded prestigious awards at the festival "Film shock" and "Nika" Award.

The second half of the 90s did not bring Elena serious roles. Most of the time devoted Korikova shooting videos in Russian pop stars. One of the more notable of its role in this period - Tanya in the drama "moo-moo" directed Grymov.

Even more popularity Elena brought the series "Poor Nastya". The series itself can be considered a real example of the Russian series of modern times, it is distinguished, above all, professional production, as well as a set of young and talented actors who have not previously had high-profile roles. The main stars in "Poor Nastya" can be considered the Elena Korikova and young actor Daniel Strakhov.

At the moment Elena has a son Arseny, whose father is the son of actress Vasilyeva Dmitry Roshchin. With a baby, unfortunately, does not communicate. Elena and Arseny lived for some time in America, but still returned to Russia.

Now Elena Korikova not on the TV screens, constantly participates in various TV projects, is tried as a TV presenter, almost all the time busy on the set of TV series. Career Elena continues to go up the hill to this day.

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