Biography stars: Jennifer Lopez

Biography stars: Jennifer Lopez
 Jennifer Lopez - a famous actress, singer, a successful designer and a happy wife and mother. But in the minds of millions of men around the world it is, first and foremost, is the owner of the prominent forms just below the back. Let us remember what was the star trek this famous beauty.

Jennifer was born July 24, 1969 into a poor family of immigrants from Puerto Rico. It was the middle of three sisters Lopez. Childhood and youth of the future pop divas took place in the South Bronx (district in New York). Little Jenny regularly attended Catholic school and 5 years old her mother enrolled her to a dance where the girl was engaged in flamenco and ballroom dancing. With 14 years Jennifer took singing lessons, performed at various city events. But parents saw the daughter of a lawyer and still persuaded her to enroll in law school.

However, to learn in college starlet did not have time. Accidentally saw an advertisement for the recruitment of students to the school dance, Jennifer no regrets abandoned his studies, left the parental home and rushed to conquer the top. Budding dancer earned filming in cheap videos, work in the dancer. For a long time she had to listen to failures on auditions and interviews: Hispanics are extremely reluctant to take a decent show.

Jennifer Luck smiled on the casting production of "Golden Musicals of Broadway", and then she was invited to the musical "Synchronicity". On the popular TV show "Living Light" Lopez hit, beating more than 2 thousand contestants.

Soon, a ball of fire woke acting ambitions. His ascent to the big screen, Jennifer started with television series. The first major success it brought the film "My Family" directed by Gregory Nava. A successful debut girl opened the door to the world of Hollywood, the role fell one after another. Its partners in the set were Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Wesley Snipes, Jon Voight, Robin Williams. The first serious fee, $ 1 million, Lopez brought the role in the movie "Selena". She became the first Latin American actress, has had such a substantial sum.

Parallel ambitious Jennifer took to conquer the musical Olympus. Her debut album On the 6 (1999) received its name in honor of the underground route by which future star once went to dance classes. The album had some success, and the single If you had my love went platinum. Two years later saw the release of the album J.Lo, who occupied the highest places in the music rankings and charts. Subsequent albums such a resounding success had, although sold pretty well.

In 2001, Jennifer founded the label Sweetface Fashion Company and launched a youth line J.Lo, which is engaged in production of clothing, perfume and accessories.

Despite its diverse activities, the most famous singer and actress is not it, and its magnificent buttocks. This shapely beauty with a curvy shape has managed to stand out among the Hollywood thinness. There was a time when fans flooded Jennifer plastic surgery clinics, hoping to get a fifth point.

In the privacy of beauty for a long time Lopez had bad luck. The first marriage with the waiter Odzhani Noah ended in divorce a year after the wedding. Ex-husband threatened to publish the scandalous details of family life with the star, but his ardor cooled quickly lawsuit for half a million dollars. Jennifer was the second spouse as poor and obscure as the first one. Chris Judd, the guy from the dancers singer, lived with her in wedlock only 10 months. Nevertheless, received a large payment after the divorce.

Until the third trip to the altar, with the singer and longtime friend Marc Anthony, pop diva loud twisted novels with rapper Puff Daddy and actor Ben Affleck. Especially a lot of fuss caused by her relationship with Affleck, journalists literally aisle did not give this star couple.

But next to Marc Anthony, Jennifer found, finally, the long-awaited women's happiness. February 22, 2008 Lopez gave birth to her third husband, son Max and daughter Emma. Since then, the life of a star, there are two little men, which for her is more important than all the awards and career achievements. Although hardworking Jennifer has not abandoned any of his projects, now she tries to spend more time at home with her husband and children.

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